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Shamima Begum, regardless of her new image, remains the UK’s responsibility

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In her first live interview since joining Islamic State (IS), on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, 22-year-old Shamima Begum made her latest appeal to return to the UK. She is one of over 6,000 minors who became affiliated ...

‘I take responsibility for the decision’: Biden on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan – video

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In a statement to the nation Joe Biden claimed that the US was ready for 'every eventuality' in its planned withdrawal from Afghanistan while taking responsibility for the execution of the abrupt, deadly and chaotic d...

Afganistán noticias en vivo: Biden vows revenge for Kabul airport attack that killed 60 civilians and 13 US service members as Islamic State claims responsibility

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Biden says the US will ‘hunt down’ Islamic State leaders responsible; IS claims responsibility for bomb explosions at Kabul airport’s Abbey gate

Former Purdue Pharma chair denies responsibility for US opioid crisis

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The former president and board chair of Purdue Pharma told a court Wednesday that he, his family and the company are not responsible for the opioid crisis in the United States. Richard Sackler, a member of the family ...

Republicans used to laud ‘personal responsibility’. Not with Covid

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“It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions,” declared Ronald Reagan at the 1968 Republican National Convention. By the time he became president 12 años después, this...

Pieter‑Steph du Toit: ‘I grew up with a sense of destiny – I feel responsibility carrying this name’

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Pieter Stephanus du Toit VIII fills the air with a high-pitched wail. He’s hungry. It’s past breakfast time and he’s run out of patience. He doesn’t care that his father, Pieter Stephanus du Toit VII, has just begun a...

Whatever Johnson says, we can’t defeat Covid with ‘personal responsibility’ alone

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At a time when Covid cases in Britain stand at some 25,000 per day and are doubling every nine days or so, the government has chosen to lift nearly all remaining Covid measures. Boris Johnson stressed in a press confe...

V&A insiste en que tiene la "responsabilidad" de decir la verdad sobre las colecciones.

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El Victoria and Albert Museum ha respondido a la presión del gobierno para alinearse con su postura sobre el “patrimonio en disputa” insistiendo en que tiene la responsabilidad de explicar con precisión la naturaleza de sus colecciones., inclu...

France under pressure to admit responsibility for Mali airstrike

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France is facing growing calls to accept responsibility for an airstrike that killed 19 civilians at a wedding in a village in Mali in January, following the publication of a United Nations report into the attack. El...

Dan Scarbrough on rugby’s dementia crisis: ‘Somebody has to put their hand up and take responsibility

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Dan Scarbrough has had a lot of conversations such as this one since his diagnosis came through, with his wife, with his parents, with his kids, with his bosses at Bradford grammar school, where he is the master in ch...

Stephen Colbert on the Atlanta shootings: ‘Our former president bears a particular responsibility

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Over two months after the siege of the US Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, injuring 100 officers and killing one, the House voted on Wednesday to award congressional gold medals to Capitol police who defended the building ...