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Children’s tsar will hope for better response to new catchup funds plea

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Four months after Sir Kevan Collins quit his role as the government’s education recovery tsar in a row over funding, the new children’s commissioner for England has entered the fray over how best to help pupils catch ...

What if the US response to 9/11, with all its multiplied hatreds, had been different?

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In London that day, writing for daily newspapers for an Australia mostly asleep during the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon, watching the TV live when the second aircraft struck, the myriad hot media and po...

German election frontrunners fail to impress with flood response

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Germany is bracing itself for complex coalition negotiations following September’s national elections, after the leaders of the two strongest parties failed to impress voters with their response to last month’s devast...

Coronavirus: China and Australia toughen Delta response

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Outbreaks of the Delta variant have prompted China and Australia to impose stricter Covid-19 restrictions as the WHO urged the world to quickly contain the mutation before it turns into something deadlier. China’s mos...

‘It’s just ice-cream’: settlers’ chilly response to Ben & Jerry’s boycott

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There are blue skies and green grass outside and inside Pizzeria Efrat, a restaurant in a settlement of the same name in the occupied West Bank. Fuera de, the pizza parlour is surrounded by lush parks and wide, quiet r...

Labour’s ‘Buy British’ policy isn’t nostalgia – it’s a smart response to new realities

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Whatever the patriotic gloss and 1960s-sounding slogan, the shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves’s Buy British policy announcement is a genuinely smart response to a newly emerging economic consensus. Pledging that a Labou...

Biden announces Covid ‘surge response teams’ amid Delta variant concerns

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Joe Biden has warned that the Delta variant of the coronavirus now makes up half of cases in many areas of the US and pledged to deploy federal “surge response teams” to help local officials stop the spread. The presi...

Biden to discuss Covid response after US misses vaccination target – live

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¿Cuál es la respuesta correcta a un amigo que dice que enviará a su hijo a una escuela privada??

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¿Cuál es la respuesta adecuada a un amigo que le dice que enviará a su hijo a una escuela privada?? Anthony Huxley, Dunfermline Post your answers (y nuevas preguntas) below or send them to A s...

Brasil podría haber parado 400,000 Muertes de covid con mejor respuesta del gobierno, experto dice

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Brasil podría haber salvado 400,000 vidas si el país hubiera implementado medidas de distanciamiento social más estrictas y hubiera lanzado un programa de vacunación antes, según un eminente epidemiólogo que lidera el primer st ...

Government failures still hamper our Covid-19 response

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Sarah Boseley’s article on the Oxford vaccine story (The Oxford vaccine: the trials and tribulations of a world-saving jab, 26 junio) was a huge missed opportunity to get to the real root cause of some of the vaccine’s...

Novak Djokovic’s new union for tennis players gets low-key response

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In time, the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA) – the new body Novak Djokovic hopes will give players more representation and a greater voice – may well become a genuine force. But if the world No 1, who o...

Rumaan Alam: ‘Our cultural response to a crisis was to go shopping’

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Rumaan Alam was born in 1977 and raised in Washington DC. He is the author of three novels, the latest of which, Leave the World Behind, got rave reviews when it came out in hardback last year. The story of two famili...

Beijing issues furious response after Canada condemns repressive actions

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Canada has led more than 40 countries in expressing serious concerns over Beijing’s repressive actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet, prompting a furious response from Beijing over Canada’s colonial history. The ex...

Europeans’ confidence in EU hit by coronavirus response

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Confidence in the EU’s ability to handle crises has taken a hit from Covid-19, a major survey shows, but dissatisfaction with national political systems is even higher and most people still support EU membership and w...

‘The government failed’: Dominic Cummings takes aim at No 10’s Covid response

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Former aide lashed out at every aspect of the government’s approach and Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock in particular How to listen to podcasts: Todo lo que necesitas saber ...

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