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‘Menu of neglect’: preventative care hits cliff as US health resources diverted to fight Covid

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Health resources diverted to fight the Covid-19 pandemic have caused a major drop in critical preventative care including childhood vaccinations and lead screenings, sexually transmitted disease testing and substance ...

Australian resources minister attacks ‘green activists’ for trying to ‘cripple’ fossil fuel companies

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Australia’s resources minister, Keith Pitt, is urging oil and gas producers to turn the “spotlight” on environmental groups campaigning against an expansion of the fossil fuel industry on climate change grounds. Pitt ...

Dame Helen Mirren as the Shame Wizard: Human Resources is Big Mouth’s star-packed spin-off

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Netflix’s Big Mouth set out to perform a very specific task. An animated comedy featuring teenagers who are visited by hormone monsters, it planted its flag as a frank exploration of puberty as it objectively is; an a...

Devon -tieners inspireer Engelse skole met hulpbronne vir geestesgesondheid

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Hulle is besig om vir GCSE's en A-vlakke te studeer, maar vier tieners van Devon het ook tyd gekry om lesplanne te ontwikkel, nuusbriewe en video's oor geestesgesondheid wat deur skole in Engeland gebruik word. Die tiener ...

Malcolm Turnbull accuses resources minister Keith Pitt of living in ‘coal-hugging bubble’

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Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has clashed with a former member of his ministry, Keith Pitt, accusing the resources and water minister of living in a “coal-hugging bubble” in a heated episode of ABC’s Q+A. Soos ...

Pacific Plunder: this is who profits from the mass extraction of the region’s natural resources – interactive

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Millions of tonnes of minerals, fish and timber are extracted from Pacific island nations each year, generating massive profits for foreign multinationals. Across the region, mynbou, fishing and logging industries hav...

Om kinders te beskerm, benodig behoorlike hulpbronne

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Terwyl dienste wat ontwerp is om Arthur Labinjo-Hughes te beskerm by die familie betrokke was, ons weet nog nie wat anders gedoen kon word om sy dood te voorkom nie; dit is die onderwerp vir 'n leeroorsig. ek is nee...

UK pupils taught about alcohol with ‘misleading’ industry-funded resources

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Schools are using “misleading and biased” information materials funded by the alcohol industry to educate pupils as young as nine about drinking, volgens 'n studie. Teachers in thousands of UK schools employ lesson...