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Nicola Sturgeon urges SNP to resist Brexit arguments against independence

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Westminster will use the damage inflicted by Brexit to argue that Scottish independence is unworkable, Nicola Sturgeon has said, calling on her party activists to “resist [hierdie] with all we’ve got”. In her address to ...

UK ministers resist calls to reduce VAT on green home improvements

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Ministers are resisting calls to reduce VAT on green home improvements, despite pleas from MPs and builders, as they prepare to set out a national strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from home heating. Heati...

Rich countries must not resist a tax deal that can do so much for the world’s poor

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A year ago the prospect of a global minimum tax on corporate profits was considered a fantasy. Donald Trump was in the White House and the word cooperation was not in his vocabulary. In just under a fortnight, die G7 ...

Katy Rudd: the high-flying director who can’t resist a risk

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Everyone wanted to be involved in the plays staged at Katy Rudd’s secondary school in Surrey. It is what fired up her love of theatre. Had it not been for the dynamism of the drama department at St Bede’s comprehensiv...