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‘I yearned for a deeper, slower, more useful existence’: dispatches from the Great Resignation

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Not long after I had left my job, and my marriage, and my home, in quick succession, I ran into an old acquaintance outside a local coffee shop. She had heard, natuurlik, about the dismantling of my life, and now she ...

Turns out the Great Resignation may be followed by the Great Regret

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Employers across the US have been dealing with a historic shift in labor thanks to the pandemic. We know it as the Great Resignation, and the pundits have been falling over themselves to explain to us why employers ar...

What’s driving the Great Resignation? Hope – with a side order of self-doubt

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All week, we’d been rehearsing how my friend should leave her job. Spesifiek, where to land her resignation speech on the spectrum between a cathartic, spite-filled rant and something more businesslike. She was qui...

Can the Metropolitan police change after Cressida Dick’s resignation?

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Former chief of Nottinghamshire police, who called out the “toxic culture of sexism” in UK policing “The home secretary needs to announce a proper public inquiry into policing, as opposed to a localised look at the M...

Quitting is just half the story: the truth behind the ‘Great Resignation’

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2021 was the year of the “Great Resignation” – a year when workers quit their jobs at historic rates. According to some, the trend was driven by an economic and psychological shift as employers struggled – and often f...

Liz Truss sal Brexit-opdrag aanvaar ná David Frost bedanking

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Die minister van buitelandse sake, Liz Truss, is om verantwoordelikheid oor te neem vir die VK se verhouding met die EU ná die Brexit-minister David Frost se bedanking, Downing Street gesê. Sy sal ministeriële diens byvoeg..

David Frost’s resignation leaves PM even more isolated in government

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Even before David Frost’s departure from the government this weekend, Boris Johnson’s authority had for weeks been relentlessly battered by unforced errors and scandal. Egter, the resignation of the man regarded by ...

Brexit minister’s shock resignation leaves Boris Johnson reeling

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Boris Johnson was dealt another major blow to his leadership on Saturday night as it emerged that the man overseeing Brexit was resigning from the cabinet. With Tory MPs already warning the prime minister that he woul...

James Reed: the recruitment boss cleaning up in the ‘great resignation’

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James Reed has zipped into the London head office of the jobs website that bears his family name on a bright blue Vespa scooter modishly emblazoned with his initials. In the midst of the worst worker shortage Britain ...

Watchdog says it was misled over reason for GCHQ boss’s resignation

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Parliament’s intelligence watchdog has said it was misled by the government when it failed to reveal that a former GCHQ boss had been allowed to resign quietly after it emerged he had helped a paedophile priest to avo...

Blykrag! Hoe om te floreer in die groot berusting as jy nie wil ophou nie

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In die VSA, hulle noem dit die groot berusting of (my voorkeur) die groot ophou. In die UK, die taal is minder groot, maar die werklikheid is soortgelyk: daar is meer vakante poste as werksoekers. Byna 1,2 miljoen werksgeleenthede ...

Labour to stand in Shropshire byelection sparked by Owen Paterson resignation

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Labour has confirmed it will put up a candidate in the North Shropshire byelection – the seat about to be vacated by the disgraced former Conservative cabinet minister Owen Paterson. There had been suggestions that op...

Tories engulfed in sleaze crisis after U-turn and Owen Paterson resignation

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Boris Johnson was engulfed in a sleaze crisis last night following a humiliating government U-turn that saw veteran Tory MP Owen Paterson resign from parliament after Downing Street ditched a bid to shield him from lo...

The great resignation is here! Seven things bosses should do to make brilliant staff stay

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When “retention” becomes a buzzword, you know something has shifted in the world of work. You hear a lot about retention – and its shiny cousin “incentivisation” – at the moment, often coupled with the word “talent”, ...

‘The Great Resignation’: almost one in four workers planning job change

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Almost a quarter of workers are actively planning to change employers in the next few months, a report has claimed, as part of a “great resignation” prompted by a high number of vacancies and burnout caused by the pan...

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