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Bournemouth residents: share your views on an abortion clinic buffer zone

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Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) council has launched a consultation over plans for a buffer zone outside an abortion clinic. Residents are being encouraged to respond to the consultation on whether to implem...

Bournemouth residents: share your views on an abortion clinic buffer zone

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Bournemouth council have launched consultation over plans for a buffer zone outside an abortion clinic. Local residents are being encouraged to respond to the consultation on whether to implement a buffer zone outside...

‘It’s not all celebratory’: five Birmingham residents on the Commonwealth

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The eyes of the world have been on Birmingham as the city hosts the Commonwealth Games. But in one of the most diverse cities in the world, questions have been raised about what the Commonwealth means in the 21st cent...

Houston investigated for slow response to Black and Hispanic residents who call 311

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Houston’s city government is under federal investigation after accusations that it responds to calls from Black and Hispanic residents about illegal dumping more slowly than if the complaints are from white residents,...

'Esto no pasa en Wennington': los residentes y los servicios de bomberos se tambalean después de que las casas se pierdan en los incendios en toda Inglaterra

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Donde se encontraban seis casas familiares en Woodland Drive en Barnsley el martes por la mañana, Horas más tarde, todo lo que quedaba eran fragmentos carbonizados de vigas de madera y montones de cenizas que alguna vez habían sido posesiones domésticas atesoradas..

Revelado: US cities refusing to replace toxic lead water pipes unless residents pay

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Elena Bautista didn’t pay much attention to the work crews that rolled down her street last year. They planned to remove water pipes made of lead, a toxin that can permanently damage children’s brains. But they skippe...

Melbourne truck crash spills 40 tonnes of chemicals on freeway, forcing local residents to stay home

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Residents of some Melbourne suburbs were told to remain in their homes on Friday morning after a truck rollover spilt 40 tonnes of chemical herbicide onto the freeway, prompting a hazardous fumes warnings. The B-doubl...

Dragons’ Den-style project hands control of £2.25m to Brent council residents

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As local councils in England continue to feel the sting of over a decade of budget-slashing austerity policies, Brent council has launched an initiative to give residents the power to decide how they spend £2.25m of f...

Cancer fears plague residents of US region polluted by ‘forever chemicals’

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In Wilmington, 50-year-old Tom Kennedy thinks it might be time to stop fighting the cancer that started in his breast and now grips his spine. He’s endured 85 chemotherapy treatments since an inverted nipple sent him ...

Sloviansk mayor urges residents to flee city as Russia steps up shelling

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The mayor of Sloviansk has called on its remaining residents to evacuate as the Russian invaders stepped up their shelling of the frontline Ukrainian city following the capture of Lysychansk on Sunday. Vadim Lyakh sa...

Sydney floods: residents brace for ‘long night ahead’ as torrential downpour batters region

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Sydney residents were warned of a “long night ahead” and another day of devastating flooding on Monday after large parts of the New South Wales coast were lashed with torrential rainfall on Sunday. Thousands of people...

‘A free land for everyone’: San Antonio residents mourn tragic loss of lives

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Tony Bokanian got a call on Monday afternoon from a neighbor who told him police were massed near his used auto parts business on the south-western edge of San Antonio in southern Texas. Bokanian went out to look. Tha ...

‘It’s a horror show’: defiant Kharkiv residents return home despite new Russian offensive

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When Tatyana Marchenko, 63, returned to her home in Kharkiv earlier this month, she entered a world of destruction. Clothes and children’s toys were scattered over the paths between the burned-out buildings, many of w...

Police name Devon care home residents who died when boat capsized

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Police have named two care home residents who died after a boat capsized in a Devon lake. Alex Wood, 43, and Alison Tilsley, 63, known as Ali, were on the vessel with four other people when it overturned in Roadford L...

Residents evacuated as wildfire on outskirts of Athens threatens homes

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A wildfire on the outskirts of the Greek capital Athens is threatening homes and infrastructure, with some residents being evacuated by the authorities. The blaze has spread across the slopes of Mount Hymettus, cual ...

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