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Quebec’s narrow asylum laws deny frontline workers resident status

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Through each wave of Montreal’s coronavirus outbreaks, Abdul woke at 5am everyday to deliver groceries on shifts ranging from 10 per 14 ore. As an asylum seeker, Abdul had few other options. “I suffered a lot to surv...

Yorkshire care home resident, 100, pleads for end to Covid isolation

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A 100-year-old care home resident has issued a video plea for greater freedom, complaining that thousands of people can go to pop festivals but she is being prevented from seeing two of her children at her home in Yor...

Google co-founder Larry Page is a New Zealand resident, government says

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Billionaire and Google co-founder Larry Page is a New Zealand resident, and visited the country in the midst of Covid-19 border restrictions. The government confirmed Page’s residency after New Zealand outlet Stuff br...

Canada heatwave: resident films escape from wildfire as flames engulf Lytton village – video

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Buildings, cars and trees are shown ablaze in footage taken by a resident fleeing a wildfire in the British Columbia village of Lytton. Flames tore through the settlement 95 miles north-east of Vancouver so fast that ...

And then there was one: the last resident of Bond Street

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From his vantage point at the oriel windows of his Bond Street flat, Ollie Claridge has an unrivalled view of the super-rich going about their business. In London’s most opulent shopping street, where a billion pounds...

‘It was scary’: resident describes escape from east London high-rise blaze

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Mariana Chaudhary, 34, lives at New Providence Wharf in east London. Her flat is on the eighth floor, where the fire broke out, and she was confronted by thick black smoke when she opened her front door on Friday morn...

Angry resident reacts after gender reveal party using explosives sets off earthquake – video

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A New Hampshire family’s gender reveal party set off reports of an earthquake, and could be heard from across the state line, la polizia ha detto. The source of the blast was 80lbs (36kg) of Tannerite, which is typically sold...