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Reset review – beautiful footage of extreme-sports thrill-seekers

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Here’s an extreme sports documentary from Thierry Donard, who on account of his stunning photography has apparently been dubbed “the Fellini of adventure film-making”. True to his reputation, Reset combines some aston...

Only a full devolution reset can stop the UK splintering apart

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Mark Drakeford is right. The threat to the UK’s union must be treated as a major question of our time. Wales’s Labour first minister says the union has failed to keep pace with devolution and is fracturing before his ...

Antony Gormley hopes Crosby statues last 1,000 years after reset

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Antony Gormley says he hopes his “iron men” on a Merseyside beach will still exist in at least 1,000 years as “industrial fossils”, after helping to excavate 10 that had been subsumed by Irish Sea mud. One hundred cas...

Australia news live: NSW Health testing dock workers who boarded Covid ship; vaccine rollout reset

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Fifteen Sydney waterfront workers waiting on coronavirus test results after boarding ship carrying infected sailors; national cabinet decision to offer all over-50s AstraZeneca vaccine from 17 May welcomed. Follow the...