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Hongkongers launch hamster rescue mission after Covid cull declared

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Authorities and pet lovers in Hong Kong are locked in a game of cat and mouse, with citizens mounting a clandestine rescue operation for hamsters condemned to be euthanised over fears they could transmit Covid-19. En ...

Flying to the rescue: Scottish mountain teams are turning to drones

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Scotland’s mountain rescue teams have begun using sophisticated drones to search for injured and missing climbers lost in often dangerous and isolated terrain across the Highlands. The drones, weighing just under a ki...

Lake District mountain rescue warning after ‘chaotic’ festive period

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Mountain rescue has urged day trippers to the Lake District to properly plan their walks after an “absolutely chaotic” Christmas period and warnings of blizzards on the way. The rescue group said there were 11 call-ou...

‘Serious failings’ during rescue may have contributed to Channel deaths

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“Serious failings” in a rescue operation may have contributed to the deaths of 27 refugees in the Channel last month, according to lawyers representing bereaved family members. Calls for a public inquiry to determine...

Rescatarme: por qué se están abandonando las hermosas mascotas británicas encerradas

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En un resfriado, día gris acerado en un corral en Essex me encuentro con Spike. Rechoncho, pecho ancho, de ojos entrecerrados, tiene una mirada que dice "no te metas conmigo", y tiene minúsculo, orejas puntiagudas que han sido cortadas para que se vea más grande..

‘Miracle’ rescue of man after 22 hours drifting in rough seas off Japan

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A 69-year-old man has been rescued in rough seas off Japan after spending 22 hours drifting in open water, with one official calling his survival a “miracle”. The man, cuyo nombre no ha sido revelado, was alone on a ...

The Rescue review – riveting Thai cave rescue documentary

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A junior football team trapped deep inside a flooded cave in Thailand are making headlines all over the world. Not even the Thai Navy Seals have been able to save them and their chances of survival are bleak. Es decir,...

The Rescue review: los buzos salvan a los niños de las cavernas tailandesas mientras el documental se adentra en las profundidades del agua

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Los codirectores y entusiastas de los deportes extremos Jimmy Chin y Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi han cubierto hazañas colosales con sus documentales Free Solo. (sobre un ascenso en solitario de la pared rocosa de Yosemite El Capitán) y Mer ...

Interpreter who helped rescue Biden in 2008 snowstorm flees Afghanistan

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An Afghan interpreter who helped rescue Joe Biden after his helicopter made an emergency landing during a snowstorm in 2008, when he was a senator, has escaped Afghanistan with his family. After the Taliban takeover i...

Buzo británico revive apasionante rescate en cueva tailandesa

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En octubre 2020, Rick Stanton preparó su traje de neopreno, arnés de buceo, cilindros y reguladores. Se estaba preparando para sumergirse en el escenario de filmación submarina en Pinewood Studios en Buckinghamshire.: un tanque de seis metros de profundidad, su...

The Guardian view on the Proms: British artists to the rescue

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The BBC Proms, the last night of which is on 11 septiembre, are on their way to achieving the near impossible: an almost complete season, with live audiences, despite the pandemic. London’s Royal Albert Hall may have b...

Australian rescue missions hampered by Taliban violence as third ADF plane arrives from Afghanistan

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A third Australian Defence Force plane carrying 80 Australian citizens, permanent visa holders and local employees who have worked with Australia and New Zealand has arrived from the Afghanistan capital. But the ongo...

Afghans need our help – there must be no empty seats on New Zealand’s rescue mission

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What is unfolding now in Afghanistan is a moment that Afghans can’t turn away from. It will mean separated families, muerte, torture and sexual slavery – women, the rainbow community, journalists and human rights defen...

Amazing Grace: artist’s tribute casts new light on Victorian rescue heroine

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A ferocious gale blew across the north-east coast of Britain on the night that made Grace Darling a star of popular history. She was to become a beacon of bravery for the Victorians when she set out in a small rowing ...

Stranded killer whale saved after hours-long rescue effort in Alaska

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A killer whale stranded on a rocky shore in Alaska was saved in an hours-long rescue effort by boaters, locals and wildlife officials. The 20-ft (6 metros) orca was spotted washed up on Prince of Wales island last Thu...

‘So enigmatic’: injured sloth inspires rescue centre in Venezuela

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It is almost a year to the day that Haydée and Juan Carlos Rodríguez first spotted an injured sloth lying by the side of the road while they were out on a drive. In an attempt to cross from one tree to another in the ...

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