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Trump’s White House chief of staff is target of Capitol attack records request

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The House select committee investigating the 6 January attack on the Capitol has instructed telecom and social media companies last week to preserve records of Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, ...

Oregon counties request trucks for bodies as Covid overwhelms morgues

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Two Oregon counties hit hard by Covid-19 are running out of space to hold bodies amid an intense surge in cases that is overwhelming the state’s healthcare system, forcing authorities to request refrigerated trucks to...

Morocco authorities arrest Uyghur activist at China’s request

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Moroccan authorities have arrested a Uyghur activist in exile because of a Chinese terrorism warrant distributed by Interpol, according to information from Moroccan police and a rights group that tracks people detaine...

Red Bull request review into Hamilton penalty after Verstappen crash

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Red Bull have requested an official review into Lewis Hamilton’s penalty following his crash with Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix. Hamilton was handed a 10-second punishment by the stewards but the seven-time...

Covid Australia live news updates: ‘national emergency’ as NSW vaccine request rejected

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Scott Morrison says no Pfizer doses will be taken from other states after Daniel Andrews called for ‘ring of steel’ around greater Sydney

Melbourne Covid outbreak: federal government knocks back Victoria’s request for more financial support

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Josh Frydenberg has dead-batted Victoria’s request for federal financial assistance after the state recorded four new Covid-19 cases on its first full day of a planned one-week lockdown. The lockdown, which has result...

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial postponed until autumn at her request

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A US judge has granted Ghislaine Maxwell’s request to delay her trial on charges she procured teenage girls for the late financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse, saying the trial will begin in the fall. The US dis...

Fewer than a quarter with Covid symptoms request test, Britse studie bevind

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Survey also reveals only half of Britons who develop signs of virus fully self-isolateFewer than a quarter of people in the UK with Covid symptoms are requesting a test, while only half say they are fully self-isolati...

AstraZeneca plant investigated by Italian police at EU’s request

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An AstraZeneca plant has come under investigation by the Italian police at the request of Brussels in a sign of the breakdown in relations between the Anglo-Swedish vaccine supplier and the EU. Officers were sent into...

Derek Chauvin-verhoor: judge grants request to add third-degree murder charge

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A judge has granted prosecutors’ request to add a third-degree murder count against a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s death, offering jurors an additional option for conviction and resolvin...