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Republicans blocked a voting rights bill again – are Democrats out of options?

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Hello, and happy Thursday, Senate Republicans on Wednesday again blocked Democrats from advancing sweeping federal voting rights legislation, escalating one of the most important fights for the future of US democracy...

Senate Republicans again poised to block sweeping voting rights bill

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Senate Republicans are again poised to block a sweeping voting rights bill on Wednesday, a move that will significantly escalate pressure on Democrats to do away with the filibuster, a Senate rule that has stymied the...

Texas Republicans approve redrawn maps decreasing representation for minority voters

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Texas Republicans approved redrawn US House maps that favor incumbents and decrease political representation for growing minority communities, even as Latinos drive much of the growth in the nation’s largest red state...

Republicans move to tighten grip on Texas after redistricting map approved

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Republicans have moved to tighten their grip on power in Texas after a late-night vote in the state’s legislature approved an early sign-off to new congressional boundaries at the expense of communities of color. The ...

Why are Michigan Republicans quietly replacing key election officials?

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Hello, and happy Thursday, Michigan Republicans are quietly moving to replace officials on key elections panels in the state with candidates who have embraced conspiracy theories about the last election, a move that c...

Republicans’ 2020 recount farce steams ahead despite lack of evidence

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Republicans in several states are advancing partisan reviews of the 2020 election results, underscoring how deeply the GOP has embraced the myth of a stolen election since 2020. The investigations in Wisconsin, Pennsy...

Biden calls Republicans ‘hypocritical, dangerous and disgraceful’ on debt limit – video

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In his address today on the need to raise the debt limit on Monday, US President Joe Biden lambasted the Republicans and their use of the filibuster to stymie the Democrats.'So let’s be clear — not only are Republican...

The plot against democracy: how Texas Republicans plan to steal power from minority voters

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A few nights a week, Mohammad Aziz meets his friend Syed Ali in the parking lot of a strip mall in Sugar Land, the suburban city just south-west of Houston. Syed runs Nash Up Chick, a food truck dishing out Nashville-...

How are Republicans torpedoing voting rights in Texas? An expert explains

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Happy Thursday, When Texas Republicans began crafting sweeping new voting restrictions a few months ago, there was little doubt that they were targeting one place in particular. On their minds was Harris county, the ...

Republicans who let Trump ‘bully’ party will seal midterms defeat, senator says

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One of the seven Republican senators who voted to convict Donald Trump at his second impeachment trial warned on Sunday that the former president’s “bullying” of the party would lead to electoral defeat in next year’s...

Republicans overplayed their hand in California – and Democrats are laughing

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On Tuesday, Gavin Newsom, California’s embattled governor, convincingly beat back a Republican-driven recall effort. Once projected to be a nail-biter, the contest degenerated into a nearly 30-point blowout. Indeed, N...

Biden tells Republicans threatening to sue over vaccine mandate: ‘Have at it’ – live

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South Carolina and Arizona leaders decry ‘big government overreach’ after president orders larger businesses to demand employees be vaccinated• Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email

‘Like Trump and the Republicans’: Lindsey Buckingham reignites Stevie Nicks feud

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One of the bitterest feuds in pop music rolls on, after Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks – once a couple whose breakup powered the classic album Rumours – have strongly disputed Buckingham’s departu...

Republicans in six states rush to mimic Texas anti-abortion law

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Republican leaders in as many as six US states are rushing to follow the lead of Texas in adopting an extreme abortion ban that critics, including Joe Biden, have slammed as unconstitutional and built to encourage vig...

Republicans seethe with violence and lies. Texas is part of a bigger war they’re waging

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The American right has been drunk on its freedom from two kinds of inhibition since Donald Trump appeared to guide them into the promised land of their unleashed ids. One is the inhibition from lies, the other from vi...

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