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North Carolina Republican condemned over ‘repugnant’ anti-LGBTQ tirade

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A top Republican politician in North Carolina is facing a wave of outrage and backlash, including calls for resignation, from elected officials and various human rights groups over his recent discriminatory comments t...

Steve Scalise, No 2 Republicano de la casa, se niega a decir que la elección no fue robada

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El segundo republicano de la Cámara de Representantes, Steve Scalise de Luisiana, repetidamente se negó a decir el domingo que el 2020 la elección no fue robada, respaldando la mentira de Donald Trump de que el demócrata Joe Biden ganó la Casa Blanca..

Allen West, unvaccinated Republican running for governor in Texas, has Covid

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Allen West, a Tea Party firebrand now a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of Texas, said on Saturday he had received monoclonal antibody injections after being diagnosed with Covid-19 pneumonia. H ...

Liz Cheney mocks Trump over bizarre insult: ‘I like Republican presidents who win re-election’

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One of the less dignified spats in US politics rumbled onwards on Sunday, as the Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney responded to a bizarre insult from Donald Trump. “I like Republican presidents who win re-election,” Chen...

Republican: police reform failed because Democrats want to defund police

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The Republican senator Tim Scott has accused Democrats of collapsing talks on law enforcement reform because they want to defund the police. Speaking to CBS’s Face the Nation, Scott said: “We said simply this. ‘I’m no...

‘He knows he lost’: Georgia Republican braces for Trump rally in Perry

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The top election official in Georgia, a Republican, said Donald Trump unequivocally lost the state in 2020, a day before a rally there on Saturday night at whih Trump is set to repeat baseless accusations of voter fra...

Arizona Republican ‘audit’ finds even bigger lead for Biden in 2020 elección

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A partisan, Republican-instigated so-called “audit” of the 2020 election result in Arizona has confirmed that Joe Biden did indeed beat Donald Trump in Maricopa county, the state’s most populous county, according to a...

California recall vote show Trump’s big lie is now Republican playbook

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It was a pre-emptive strike against truth by some of the biggest names on the American right wing. Former president Donald Trump warned that the ballot would be “rigged”. The Republican candidate Larry Elder predicted...

Caída de micrófono: La afirmación del senador republicano del botón para silenciar a Biden provoca risas

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El secretario de estado, Antony Blink, Reprimió las risas en Capitol Hill el martes cuando el senador republicano James Risch lo interrogó implacablemente sobre un rumor de que alguien del personal de la Casa Blanca “empuja a ....

Blinken pushes back against Republican criticism at Afghanistan hearing

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Antony Blink, the US secretary of state, has pushed back against heavy Republican criticism of the handling of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying the Biden administration inherited a deal with the Tali...

Republican backlash against Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate grows

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The political sparring match over Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate continued on Sunday with one Republican governor blasting the measure as “counterproductive” and the White House insisting it was necessary to end the ...

Virginia’s Republican candidate for governor treads a slippery political path

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Republican Glenn Youngkin has had to entertain some far-fetched ideas from supporters as he seeks to become the next governor of Virginia. During one campaign event in late July, a voter suggested that Donald Trump co...

‘I’m not Rambo’: Republican unrepentant about attempt to enter Afghanistan

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The Oklahoma Republican congressman Markwayne Mullin has said he has no regrets about trying to enter Afghanistan on a rescue mission last month, saying that though he is “not Rambo” he would make such an attempt agai...

Madison Cawthorn: behold the rotten fruit of extreme Republican gerrymandering

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The congressman from North Carolina brandished a gun as he addressed a Macon county Republican event last weekend. “We all need to be storing up some ammunition,” Madison Cawthorn warned the crowd, as he embraced the ...

Republican election audits have led to voting system breaches, los expertos dicen

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Republican efforts to question Donald Trump’s defeat in 2020 have led to voting system breaches experts say pose a risk to future elections. Copies of Dominion Voting Systems softwares used for designing ballots, conf...

‘Racist and flat out wrong’: Texas Republican blames Black Americans for Covid surge

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Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, has refused to apologise for blaming rising Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths on unvaccinated African Americans, comments one Black Houston official called ...

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