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The big picture: waiting on a road to nowhere in 1990s Czech Republic

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In 1993, the photographer Robin Graubard fell into conversation with a group of women in a park outside the UN building in New York. The women were talking about how no American paper was properly covering the war in ...

Colwill seals draw for Wales after Soucek strikes for the Czech Republic

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Last week it was Gareth Bale who was the subject of great adulation, in these parts at least, but this was a night that belonged to his longstanding sidekick Wayne Hennessey. On an evening when Hennessey became the th...

Caribbean: William suggests monarchy will respect any decision to become republic

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As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s controversial tour of the Caribbean draws to a close, William has signalled that the UK would support with “pride and respect” any decision by Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas to ...

Dominican Republic starts work on border wall with Haiti

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The Dominican Republic has begun work on a border wall with Haiti, sparking controversy between the neighbouring Caribbean countries. Construction began this week on a concrete barrier that will span nearly half of th...

Lenka: a portrait of methamphetamine addiction in the Czech Republic – video

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An intimate portrayal of methamphetamine addiction in the Czech Republic, Europe’s largest producer, through the life of Lenka, an addict of over 20 years.Lenka’s elderly parents rely on her for social care and labour...

Briton’s family hope for answers in Dominican Republic murder trial

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The family of a British author who was found dead close to her home in the Dominican Republic are hoping that a long-awaited trial will finally bring them answers. The body of Lindsay de Feliz, 64, was found in a shal...

Barbados hails Rihanna ‘national hero’ as it becomes republic

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Rihanna has been declared a national hero of Barbados, as the country celebrates its transition to an independent republic. “May you continue to shine like a diamond,” the country’s prime minister, Mia Mottley, said a...

Barbados declares Rihanna a national hero during republic ceremony – video

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Barbados has declared singer Rihanna a national hero during its republican celebrations in Bridgetown. The country's prime minister, Mia Mottley, gesê, ‘On behalf of a grateful nation, but an even prouder people, we t...

Barbados skei van Queen en word die wêreld se nuutste republiek

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Na 396 jare, die son het ondergegaan op die Britse monargie se bewind oor die Karibiese eiland Barbados, met 'n oorhandigingseremonie Maandag om middernag wat die geboorte van die wêreld se nuutste republiek merk. Soos die klok str...

Groot-Brittanje veg verby Tsjeggiese Republiek om plek in die Davisbeker-kwarteindstryd te wen

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Die diepte van Groot-Brittanje se Davisbeker-span is Sondagmiddag getoets toe hulle 'n stel weggestaan ​​het van 'n nederlaag teen 'n jong en vreeslose Tsjeggiese Republiek-span wat ver bo sy gewig geslaan het.. Egter, onder die las...

Suspected Omicron Covid cases found in Germany and Czech Republic

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The first suspected cases of the Omicron Covid variant in Germany and the Czech Republic are being investigated, as Dutch authorities scramble to see if 61 passengers from South Africa who tested positive for Covid-19...

California town declares itself a ‘constitutional republic’ to buck Covid rules

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A northern California town has declared itself a “constitutional republic” in response to Covid-19 health restrictions imposed by the governor, in the latest sign of ongoing strife between the state’s government and i...

James spares Ward’s blushes and earns Wales point in Czech Republic

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For Wales, this was a case of the good, the bad and the ugly. Aaron Ramsey showed great composure to open the scoring with an exquisite finish but Wales allowed the Czech Republic to get a leg-up when Danny Ward’s lap...

Bolsonaro’s ‘banana republic’ military parade condemned by critics

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Critics have denounced Jair Bolsonaro’s “banana republic-style” decision to send tanks on to the streets of Brazil’s capital for a rare military parade in what was widely seen as a beleaguered president’s ham-fisted a...

Elsa weakens to tropical storm but threatens disaster in Haiti and Dominican Republic

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Hurricane Elsa fell back to tropical storm force as it raced toward Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Saturday, but it still threatened to unleash flooding and landslides before taking aim at Cuba and Florida. Die ...

Netherlands v Czech Republic: Euro 2020 last 16 - leef!

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