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Meet the tuatara, the sluggish ‘living fossil’ with the fastest sperm in the reptile world

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Tuatara – the ancient, slow-moving, “living fossil” reptiles unique to New Zealand – have surprised researchers with their fast-moving sperm. The discovery came amid a new effort by scientists to gather and preserve t...

Iguanas with chips: Florida seeks solution to invasive reptile problem

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From Key West’s high-summer Hemingway Days, in which bearded hopefuls vie for the title of best Papa lookalike, to the annual hunt for the elusive (and imaginary) skunk ape, Florida is renowned for its calendar of cur...

Australia confirms extinction of 13 more species, including first reptile since colonisation

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The Australian government has officially acknowledged the extinction of 13 endemic species, Compreso 12 mammals and the first reptile known to have been lost since European colonisation. The addition of the dozen mam...