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Hundreds of UK drink spiking reports in the past two months

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Amper 200 drink spiking incidents have been reported to police forces across the UK over the past two months, the National Police Chiefs’ Council said on Friday. The NPCC said there have been 198 confirmed reports of...

Die polisie arresteer twee mans in Nottingham ná vlaag verslae oor 'dwelm-spieking'

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Twee mans is in hegtenis geneem in verband met 'n vlaag verslae van dwelmspykery waarby naalde betrokke was in Nottingham. Die polisie in Nottinghamshire het gesê die mans, bejaardes 18 en 19, is gearresteer op vermoede van sameswering tot administrasie...

China Evergrande will make crucial bond payment to avert looming default – reports

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The troubled property company China Evergrande Group has come up with the money to pay a $83.5m bond interest payment that it missed in September, according to reports. The company, which has debts of around $305bn, w ...

Tesla reports record quarterly earnings despite global supply chain meltdown

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Tesla saw its biggest quarterly net earnings in history, the company said on Wednesday, propelled by record electric vehicle sales last summer, amid a shortage of computer chips and other materials. The company made $...

Pinterest shares soar amid reports of $39bn takeover by PayPal

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​​PayPal is reportedly exploring the acquisition of social media company Pinterest, according to Bloomberg News. PayPal, the financial technology company based in San Jose, Kalifornië, recently approached Pinterest a...

Covid nuus regstreeks: VSA om 'meng en pas' boosterskote goed te keur, Nieu-Seeland verslae rekord daaglikse gevalle

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VSA gestel om ander Covid-versterkerskote toe te laat as die een wat aanvanklik geneem is; Kenners in Nieu-Seeland waarsku oor die gesondheidstelsel

Covid live: Russia reports record 1,000 sterftes; UK investigates testing errors

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Country’s death toll passes 1,000 mark for first time since the start of the pandemic; record number of Covid jabs administered by healthcare workers

England’s GPs to be told to scrap 2-metre rule, say reports

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GPs in England will be told to scrap the 2-metre rule in their surgeries as part of a government drive to ensure they get back to seeing more patients face-to-face, it has been reported. The move is part of a package ...

Rusland rapporteer 'n rekord daaglikse dodetal van Covid terwyl die Kremlin die nuwe inperking afskakel

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Rusland het 'n nuwe rekord daaglikse dodetal van koronavirus aangeteken, 'n volgehoue ​​styging wat in Oktober byna daagliks nuwe rekords gebring het. Die nasionale taakmag van coronavirus het Saterdag berig 968 mense ...

Coronavirus live nuus: Singapore expands quarantine-free travel; free Covid tests ‘could be scrapped’ – reports

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Brazil’s death toll passes 600,000; study finds cases of anxiety and depression increased dramatically in 2020

Greggs warns of rising costs and shortages as it reports bigger sales

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Britain’s biggest bakery chain, Greggs, has warned of staff and ingredient shortages and said costs would rise this year, as it reported higher sales for the past three months. The company – known for its sausage roll...

Taiwan reports record Chinese incursions into its air defence zone

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China sent a record number of military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defence zone on Monday, the fourth consecutive day of such air incursions by Beijing amid growing fears of further escalation. Taiwan’s ministry of def...

Russia reports record Covid deaths as official toll reaches 210,000

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Russia has reported a record number of Covid deaths for four of the past six days, as the country experiences a devastating fourth wave caused by the Delta variant and a low vaccination rate of under 30% of the adult ...

NSW berig 'dramatiese daling' in nuwe Covid -gevalle, aangesien Melbourne nader kom aan die langste sluiting ter wêreld

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Victoria se Covid-infeksies het effens gedaal met die 246 dae lange sluiting van Melbourne om Dinsdag die langste ter wêreld te word. En terwyl Nieu-Suid-Wallis Sondag 'n aansienlike afname in plaaslike Covid-19-gevalle aangeteken het, de ...

Taiwan reports largest ever incursion as 38 Chinese planes fly over air space

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Taiwan has reported the largest ever incursion by the Chinese air force into its air defence zone, met 38 aircraft flying in two waves as Beijing marked the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Taiwan, watter ...

North Korea fires new anti-aircraft missile in latest test, state media reports

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North Korea has fired a newly developed anti-aircraft missile, the official KCNA news agency has reported, in the latest in its recent series of weapons tests. The test on Thursday, conducted by the Academy of Defence...

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