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Grandmother of Eitan Biran reportedly investigated over his alleged abduction

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The maternal grandmother of a six-year-old boy who is the sole survivor of a cable car crash in northern Italy is being investigated over the alleged abduction of the child after he was flown to Israel at the weekend ...

Afghans protesters reportedly killed during Taliban crackdown on demonstrations, says UN – video

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The UN’s rights spokesperson, Ravina Shamdasani, received reports of house-to-house searches for Afghan demonstrators during the Taliban’s violent crackdown on protests against their rule that has already led to four ...

Trump reportedly nears DC hotel rights sale as ally says ‘I think he’s gonna run’

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Donald Trump is reportedly close to selling rights to his hotel near the White House in Washington, a move the website Axios said “would carry a symbolism savoured by opponents”, given it would mean “the removal of Tr...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Japan to expand state of emergency; Biden review of Covid origins reportedly ‘inconclusive’

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Japan to expand state of emergency to eight more prefectures as surging cases overwhelm hospitals; assessment Biden ordered reportedly inconclusive about whether Covid jumped from animals or leaked from Wuhan lab

Top US spy reportedly meets Taliban leader in Kabul amid evacuation chaos

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The top US spy, the CIA director William Burns, reportedly met secretly with the head of the Taliban on Monday in Kabul, in the highest-level diplomatic encounter since the militant group took over. According to a rep...

French police question man who reportedly admitted killing priest

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A man is being questioned by police after he reportedly admitted killing a priest who had offered him a home while awaiting trial for arson. The suspect walked into a gendarmerie in the Vendée in western France on Mon...

Bull reportedly rammed to death by car after ring escape in Spain

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Police in Spain are investigating after a half-tonne fighting bull pushed its way out of a bullring, injuring two people as it charged through the streets of a small town in central Spain before being reportedly ramme...

South-west Sydney apartment block reportedly locked down; debate over vaccine incentives – live

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A vaccination target of 80% has been set for harsh restrictions to be eased but scientists and political leaders are at odds over how to achieve it. Siga las últimas actualizaciones

Two reportedly killed in attack on Israeli-linked oil tanker off Oman

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An oil tanker linked to an Israeli billionaire has reportedly come under attack off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, las autoridades han dicho, killing two crew members, one from the UK and another from Romania. los ...

Suffolk serial killer reportedly arrested over 1999 murder of teenager

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A serial killer who murdered five women in Suffolk in 2006 has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of murdering a teenager who went missing on her way home from a nightclub nearly 22 hace años que. The naked body of Vic...

Scottish climber Rick Allen reportedly dies in avalanche on K2

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A Scottish climber has reportedly died in an avalanche on K2 as he attempted to take a new route to the summit. Rick Allen was attempting to climb the world’s second highest mountain to raise money for the Partners Re...

Sydney Covid victim reportedly mother of removalists who travelled to Molong while positive

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A woman in her 50s from south-western Sydney has died of Covid with police investigating what is the fifth death linked to the current Delta outbreak. The death was announced on Monday afternoon after emergency servic...

Por lo menos 140 Cubans reportedly detained or disappeared after historic protests

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Scores of Cuban activists, protesters and journalists, including a reporter for one of Spain’s leading newspapers, have reportedly been detained as Communist party security forces seek to smother Sunday’s historic fla...

La maestra desaparecida Alice Hodgkinson supuestamente encontrada muerta en Japón

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Se informa que un maestro que ha estado desaparecido en Japón durante más de una semana fue encontrado muerto. La familia de Alice Hodgkinson, 28, le dijo al Sun que habían recibido "las peores noticias imaginables" de la policía en Japa..

Sha’Carri Richardson reportedly out of Olympic 100m after positive cannabis test

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American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson has tested positive for cannabis, sources have told Reuters, and she is unlikely to get the chance to challenge for the Olympic 100m title in Tokyo later this month. Jamaica’s Gl...

Los abogados de Trump supuestamente dieron 24 horas para decir por qué las empresas no deberían afrontar cargos

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Buenos dias. Según los informes, los fiscales de Nueva York han dado a los abogados de Donald Trump 24 horas para responder con argumentos finales de por qué la Organización Trump no debería enfrentar cargos penales, con fecha límite fijada para el lunes ....