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US reportedly reaches deal to restart Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

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The Biden administration has reportedly struck an agreement with the Mexican government to resurrect the controversial “Remain in Mexico’” arrangement that requires asylum seekers to stay outside the US while their cl...

UK teenager reportedly attacked by crocodile on gap-year trip in Zambia

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A British teenager has been reportedly attacked by a crocodile while travelling with friends on a gap-year holiday in southern Africa. Amelie Osborn-Smith, from Andover, Hampshire, was white water rafting in the Zambe...

Según los informes, Joe Biden les dice a los aliados que se postulará para presidente nuevamente en 2024

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Según los informes, Joe Biden ha estado haciendo saber a los aliados que se postulará para presidente nuevamente en 2024. En medio de índices de aprobación deslizantes, Se informa que Biden está dispuesto a aplastar cualquier suposición en los círculos demócratas de que él será el mejor..

EE.UU. planea boicotear diplomáticamente a China 2022 Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno

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Estados Unidos va a realizar un boicot diplomático a los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno en China y no enviará una delegación oficial en protesta contra los abusos contra los derechos humanos., según un informe del martes. El informe llega el día ...

Aaron Rodgers reportedly unvaccinated after testing positive for Covid-19

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Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss the Green Bay Packers’ game with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, según múltiples informes. His exact vaccination status remains unclear. The meeting ...

Se informa que Activision Blizzard se dispara 20 empleados tras denuncias de acoso

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La asediada empresa de videojuegos Activision Blizzard ha despedido 20 empleados por denuncias de acoso, el Financial Times informó el martes, citando una carta enviada al personal. Según el informe, el videojuego ma ...

Bill Gates reportedly advised to end inappropriate emails with female employee in 2008

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Bill Gates was allegedly advised in 2008 by executives at the company to halt inappropriate communication with a female employee, según un nuevo informe. The claims, published by the Wall Street Journal, are the la...

UK police reportedly speak to Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre

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Scotland Yard officers have spoken to Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleges she was forced to have sex with him when she was 17 años, Ha sido reportado. In an interview in August, después ...

‘Rudy is really hurt’: Giuliani reportedly banned from Fox News

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Rudy Giuliani has reportedly been banned from Fox News. “Rudy is really hurt,” Politico quoted a source “close to Giuliani” as saying. According to the website, the prominent Trump ally learned of his expulsion on th...

Haitians reportedly being released in US likely include pregnant women and families

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Three hours after being freed from a giant migrant camp under an international bridge, Mackenson Veillard stood outside a gas station and took stock of his sudden good fortune as he and his pregnant wife waited for a ...

Grandmother of Eitan Biran reportedly investigated over his alleged abduction

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The maternal grandmother of a six-year-old boy who is the sole survivor of a cable car crash in northern Italy is being investigated over the alleged abduction of the child after he was flown to Israel at the weekend ...

Afghans protesters reportedly killed during Taliban crackdown on demonstrations, says UN – video

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The UN’s rights spokesperson, Ravina Shamdasani, received reports of house-to-house searches for Afghan demonstrators during the Taliban’s violent crackdown on protests against their rule that has already led to four ...

Trump reportedly nears DC hotel rights sale as ally says ‘I think he’s gonna run’

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Donald Trump is reportedly close to selling rights to his hotel near the White House in Washington, a move the website Axios said “would carry a symbolism savoured by opponents”, given it would mean “the removal of Tr...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Japan to expand state of emergency; Biden review of Covid origins reportedly ‘inconclusive’

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Japan to expand state of emergency to eight more prefectures as surging cases overwhelm hospitals; assessment Biden ordered reportedly inconclusive about whether Covid jumped from animals or leaked from Wuhan lab

Top US spy reportedly meets Taliban leader in Kabul amid evacuation chaos

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The top US spy, the CIA director William Burns, reportedly met secretly with the head of the Taliban on Monday in Kabul, in the highest-level diplomatic encounter since the militant group took over. According to a rep...

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