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'Zero': come i giornali del Regno Unito hanno coperto un giorno senza una sola morte di Covid segnalata

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Buone notizie vengono trasmesse sulle prime pagine di mercoledì, mentre gli editori colgono una rara opportunità per riferire sulla speranza nella battaglia contro il coronavirus. Molti giornali suggeriscono che il primo giorno senza un solo decesso per Covid f...

Asian Americans reported 3,800 hate-related incidents during the pandemic, il rapporto trova

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Asian Americans reported nearly 3,800 hate-related incidents during the pandemic, a number that experts believe to be just a fraction of the true total. A partire dal 19 marzo 2020 per 28 febbraio 2021, Asian Americans from all...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale sull'Australia Covid: more than half of Australians wake up in lockdown as SA reported to have one new case

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Exposure sites spread in regional NSW as Sydney and Victoria shutdowns continue. Segui tutte le news del giorno

Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie sul Covid in Australia: testing centre closures in NSW, Vic and Qld cause chaos; più di 47,000 new cases reported nationwide

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Covid testing clinic closures in Victoria, Queensland and NSW as queues grow; NSW records new 23,131 cases and two deaths, Vic 14,020 cases and two deaths, Qld 5,699 casi, SA 3,246, ATTO 926, Tasmania 702; national ta...

Australia news live: NSW man, 55, reported to have died of blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca Covid vaccine

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Australia’s medicine regulator expected to investigate to determine whether death linked to jab. Follow the day’s news live • Comparing US and UK Covid case numbers suggests Australia’s India flight ban based on ‘fear...

BLM gives cautious welcome to Queen’s reported backing

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Black Lives Matter UK has expressed surprise after the Queen and the royal family were said to support its cause, but the anti-racism movement stressed that “actions speak louder than words”. Sir Ken Olisa, il primo ...

Emad al-Swealmeen: Liverpool attack suspect reported to be Christian convert

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A suspected terrorist who blew himself up outside Liverpool Women’s hospital at the weekend has been named as 32-year-old Emad al-Swealmeen. Counter Terrorism Policing North West said they “strongly believe” al-Swealm...

Fiamme sul porto siriano dopo la segnalazione di attacco aereo israeliano – video

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Martedì, un attacco aereo israeliano ha colpito il porto siriano di Latakia prima dell'alba, scatenando un enorme incendio nel secondo attacco di questo tipo all'hub di carico questo mese, I media statali siriani hanno riferito. Dallo scoppio della guerra civile in Siria ...

Più di 9,000 anti-Asian incidents reported in US since pandemic started

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Più di 9,000 anti-Asian incidents have been reported across the United States since the coronavirus pandemic began, according to a report released on Thursday. Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition that tracks and r...

More than half of US police killings are mislabelled or not reported, lo studio trova

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More than half of all police-involved killings in the US go unreported with the majority of victims being Black, according to a new study published in the Lancet, a peer reviewed journal. Research at the University of...

Birmania: 20 civilians reported killed in latest military attack in rebel hotspot

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In giro 20 civilians have been killed and nearly 40 homes destroyed in a Myanmar village, according to local media, the latest in a series of massacres allegedly committed by the military. The victims of the attack in ...

Birmania: dozens of police reported killed in clashes with anti-coup movement

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Dozens of Myanmar security force members were killed on Sunday, rebel fighters have claimed, after heavy fighting in the coup-hit country’s eastern fringe. In one battle, the People’s Defence Force (PDF) – a civilian ...

Birmania: UN calls for ‘utmost restraintfrom military as more deaths reported

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The United Nations has condemned the Myanmar military’s violent crackdown against anti-coup demonstrators as eight more people were reported shot dead in protests and a military spokesman accused deposed leader Aung S...

Nothing to see: how pro-government Hungarian media reported Wembley violence

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With the Hungarian president, Viktor Orbán, and his allies owning about 90% of the country’s media it was perhaps not too surprising that much of the press looked to absolve Hungary fans of blame or failed to mention ...

Aggiornamento Covid NSW: 105 new cases reported and one death as Berejiklian relaxes south-west Sydney rules

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New South Wales has recorded 105 new Covid cases and the death of a woman in her 90s as residents in greater Sydney adjust to tougher lockdown restrictions designed to curb the rate of infection. Another day of triple...

Aggiornamento Covid NSW: mask-wearing and vaccine passports may be needed for years as 753 cases reported

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New South Wales citizens could be wearing masks indoors for years and proof of vaccination may be required to enter high-risk venues, even when the state reaches 80% vaccination coverage, the chief health officer, Dr ...

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