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Two professional Strictly dancers reported to have refused Covid jabs

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Two professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing have reportedly refused to be vaccinated against Covid, causing complications before the show’s return on Saturday night. The BBC’s flagship dance contest will return ...

BLM gives cautious welcome to Queen’s reported backing

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Black Lives Matter UK has expressed surprise after the Queen and the royal family were said to support its cause, but the anti-racism movement stressed that “actions speak louder than words”. Sir Ken Olisa, the first ...

NSW Covid -opdatering: mask-wearing and vaccine passports may be needed for years as 753 cases reported

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New South Wales citizens could be wearing masks indoors for years and proof of vaccination may be required to enter high-risk venues, even when the state reaches 80% vaccination coverage, the chief health officer, Dr ...

Several reported killed as Taliban shoot at crowds waving Afghan flag

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Several people have been killed after Taliban fighters shot at crowds waving the national flag at an independence day rally, leading to mass panic and a crush, a witness has said, a day after three people were killed ...

Meer as 9,000 anti-Asian incidents reported in US since pandemic started

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Meer as 9,000 anti-Asian incidents have been reported across the United States since the coronavirus pandemic began, according to a report released on Thursday. Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition that tracks and r...

Wildfires in Algeria: dozens of civilians and soldiers reported dead

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Meer as 40 mense, insluitend 25 soldiers, have died in wildfires that erupted east of the Algerian capital, the country’s prime minister, Ayman Benabderrahmane, gesê. Benabderrahmane also told state television that ...

Australia Covid live update: more than half of Australians wake up in lockdown as SA reported to have one new case

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Exposure sites spread in regional NSW as Sydney and Victoria shutdowns continue. Follow all the day’s news

NSW Covid -opdatering: 105 new cases reported and one death as Berejiklian relaxes south-west Sydney rules

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New South Wales has recorded 105 new Covid cases and the death of a woman in her 90s as residents in greater Sydney adjust to tougher lockdown restrictions designed to curb the rate of infection. Another day of triple...

Trump Organization’s financial chief reported to be charged by New York prosecutors

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One of Donald Trump’s key aides is expected to be charged on Thursday with failing to properly report company perks, including rent-free apartments and cars, in the latest stage of an escalating battle between New Yor...

‘Zero’: how the UK papers covered a day without a single reported Covid death

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Good news is broadcast across Wednesday’s front pages, as editors seize a rare opportunity to report on hope in the battle against the coronavirus. Many papers suggest that the first day without a single Covid death f...

Myanmar: dozens of police reported killed in clashes with anti-coup movement

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Dozens of Myanmar security force members were killed on Sunday, rebel fighters have claimed, after heavy fighting in the coup-hit country’s eastern fringe. In one battle, the People’s Defence Force (PDF) – a civilian ...

Two Chinese provinces hit by earthquakes, with three reported dead

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A series of earthquakes and aftershocks have rattled south-west and north-west China, leaving at least three people dead and 33 injured, according to Chinese media. Both Yunnan province in south-western China and Qing...

Two Chinese provinces hit by earthquakes, with two reported dead

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A series of strong earthquakes has rattled north-west and south-west China, leaving at least two people dead. Both Qinghai province in the north-west on the Tibetan plateau and Yunnan province in south-western China a...

Australia news live: NSW man, 55, reported to have died of blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca Covid vaccine

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Australia’s medicine regulator expected to investigate to determine whether death linked to jab. Follow the day’s news live • Comparing US and UK Covid case numbers suggests Australia’s India flight ban based on ‘fear...

Asian Americans reported 3,800 hate-related incidents during the pandemic, verslag vind

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Asian Americans reported nearly 3,800 hate-related incidents during the pandemic, a number that experts believe to be just a fraction of the true total. From 19 Maart 2020 aan 28 Februarie 2021, Asian Americans from all...

Myanmar: UN calls for ‘utmost restraintfrom military as more deaths reported

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The United Nations has condemned the Myanmar military’s violent crackdown against anti-coup demonstrators as eight more people were reported shot dead in protests and a military spokesman accused deposed leader Aung S...

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