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‘It’s just a wonder’: Elizabeth line officially opens to delight of passengers – video report

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The first Elizabeth line trains to carry passengers through the new tunnels under London departed on time on Tuesday, marking the start of an era of greater speed, space and comfort.Hundreds of people braved the rain ...

Un tribunale ucraino condanna all'ergastolo un soldato russo – rapporto video

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Un tribunale di Kiev ha condannato all'ergastolo un soldato russo di 21 anni per aver ucciso un civile ucraino nel primo processo per crimini di guerra tenutosi dall'invasione russa. Vadim Shishimarin, un sergente di 21 anni, era...

Partygate: Boris Johnson under fresh scrutiny after new party pictures emerge – video report

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The UK prime minister is facing fresh scrutiny of his denials and dismissals of lockdown parties in Downing Street after new images emerged in which the prime minister can be seen drinking. The images, obtained by ITV...

Southern Baptist leaders ‘stonewalled’ sex abuse victims, scathing report says

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Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest Protestant denomination, stonewalled and denigrated survivors of clergy sex abuse over almost two decades while seeking to protect their own reputations, un...

Brian Adcock on the looming Sue Gray report – cartoon

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Ginni Thomas urged Arizona Republicans to overturn 2020 result – report

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Ginni Thomas, the wife of the US supreme court justice Clarence Thomas, pressed Republicans in Arizona to overturn Joe Biden’s victory there in 2020, the Washington Post reported. Repeating Donald Trump’s lie that the...

Boris Johnson among dozens warned they face criticism in Sue Gray’s report

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Boris Johnson is among dozens of No 10 officials warned by Sue Gray they are facing criticism in her Partygate report next week, as a former civil service chief said the “real issue” was the leadership of the prime mi...

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcome their first child – report

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Multi-hyphenate pop star Rihanna and rapper A$AP Rocky have welcomed their first child, according to a TMZ report. The baby boy was reportedly born on 13 May in Los Angeles. No name was given. The couple, together sin...

US withdrawal triggered catastrophic defeat of Afghan forces, damning watchdog report finds

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Afghan armed forces collapsed last year because they had been made dependent on US support that was abruptly withdrawn in the face of a Taliban offensive, according to a scathing assessment by a US government watchdog...

China air crash that killed 132 may have been deliberate, says US report

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A China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed in March, killing 132 persone, appears to have been intentionally flown into the mountainside below by someone at the controls, according to reports. Analysis by US officials...

‘Jurisdictional maze’ hinders investigation of sexual violence against Native women, il rapporto dice

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Amnesty International has called on the US government to fully restore tribal jurisdiction over crimes on Native lands in the face of staggeringly high rates of sexual violence against Native women, according to a rep...

Buffalo shooting: vigil held after ‘racially motivatedmassacre leaves 10 dead – video report

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Come Bufalo, New York, mourns the victims of a 'racially motivated' mass shooting at a supermarket Saturday that left 10 morti e tre feriti, details are emerging about the shooter’s movements before the incident an...

Johnson’s ‘jet zero’ plan unrealistic and may make UK miss CO2 targets – report

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The UK government’s “jet zero” plan to eliminate carbon emissions from aviation relies on unproven or nonexistent technology and “sustainable” fuel, and is likely to result in ministers missing their legally binding e...

Le raffinerie di petrolio statunitensi vomitano benzene cancerogeno nelle comunità, il rapporto trova

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Una dozzina di raffinerie di petrolio statunitensi lo scorso anno hanno superato il limite federale sulle emissioni medie di benzene. Tra i 12 raffinerie che hanno emesso al di sopra del livello massimo di benzene, cinque erano in Texas, quattro in Louisiana, e uno per ca...

'Le riprese non si sono fermate': Giornalista di Al Jazeera ucciso in Cisgiordania – servizio video

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Un giornalista di Al Jazeera è stato ucciso a colpi d'arma da fuoco durante un raid israeliano nella Cisgiordania occupata mercoledì. I palestinesi e il canale di notizie hanno accusato Israele di averla uccisa, mentre il leader israeliano ha detto che probabilmente è stata colpita da P...

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