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Israel: protests against renewed Covid restrictions as cases hit highest in months

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Several hundred Israelis have demonstrated in Tel Aviv against new coronavirus restrictions and vaccination as positive cases and hospitalisations rise to levels not seen in months. The health ministry reported on Sat...

Australia news live: renewed calls for Biloela family to be resettled, Melbourne enters 12th day of lockdown

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Advocates plea for a family detained on Christmas Island to come to Australia after the youngest daughter medically evacuated to Perth

Renewed diplomacy is urgently needed to prevent another Gaza war

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The war in Gaza this month was the third war since 2008, and there have been other rounds of fighting in between. In between the wars there is no peace, as Palestinians live under various forms of occupation in the We...

‘My city is on fire’: pandemic wreaks renewed havoc in Flint after water crisis

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Nearly a dozen people sit in on a Zoom call on a Wednesday afternoon for what they call a “publications” meeting – one similar to many others held daily in Flint, Michigan, as community partners collaborate for the sa...

Zimbabwe under renewed pressure to give up Rwanda genocide suspect

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United Nations investigators tracking one of the most notorious killers in the Rwandan genocide believe he is hiding in Zimbabwe and are launching a new effort to convince authorities in Harare to allow the 60-year-ol...

Biden’s cabinet meeting proves the reality TV presidency wasn’t renewed

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Poor old Joe Biden. He might have won the electoral college and the popular vote but he’ll never feel the love of his underlings like Donald Trump did. The former president’s first full cabinet meeting in June 2017 re...

Life viewed through a lens brings Héctor Bellerín renewed perspective

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Héctor Bellerín remembers the epiphany he experienced after speaking to a friend who, partly through working with art, had overcome mental health troubles. “That experience was very powerful for me,” the Arsenal defen...

Renewed Highland golf course plan has environmentalists crying ‘Fore!’

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It is an area so tranquil that the notion of bitter dispute is hugely anomalous. The serenity of Coul - in east Sutherland, north of Dornoch – is in fact fundamental to a backdrop of unrest. When the Scottish governme...

Australia news live: government uncaps apprentice wage subsidy; Oprah interview prompts renewed calls for republic

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Expansion of the program, which covers half of an apprentice’s wages, is expected to reach 70,000 new apprentices and cost $1.2bn. Volg die nuutste opdaterings