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Paybacks from UK renewables could cut £27 from bills by end of winter

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Britain’s wind and solar farms could help to reduce households’ energy bills by paying back almost £800m to consumers by the end of the winter after gas and electricity market prices rocketed above their set subsidy l...

Renewables could meet 100% demand in Australia at certain times of day by 2025, il rapporto dice

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Renewables will meet 100% of consumer demand for electricity at certain times of the day by 2025 if large-scale wind and solar development continues at current rates, the Australian Energy Market Operator has said. Ae...

Renewables industry blasts ‘unacceptable’ Australian energy market rules it says will prolong coal plants

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New energy market rules intended to ensure the lights remain on while ageing coal generators exit the market have triggered a backlash from Australia’s renewables sector. Guardian Australia has seen a draft of new rul...

Senate sinks Angus Taylor’s plan to allow renewables agency to invest in fossil fuel technologies

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The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will not be able to invest in carbon capture and storage after the Senate voted to disallow a government instrument expanding its investment remit. Lavoro duro e faticoso, the Greens and crossben...