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Purity, passion, drama: darts’ renaissance continues in tournament for the ages

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Forty years ago this month, at the height of darts’ first great tungsten rush, Jocky Wilson left Jollees nightclub in Stoke clutching a world title and a cheque for £6,500 – about £26,000 in today’s money. It is a mea...

Maps of Renaissance Tuscany on show for first time in 20 años

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Maps depicting Renaissance Tuscany are back on display at the Uffizi Galleries in Florence after being hidden from public view for more than 20 años. The wall paintings were commissioned in the late 1500s by Ferdinan...

Dürer’s Journeys: Travels of a Renaissance Artist review – all over the place

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Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was the most intrepid traveller in the history of art. From his home city of Nuremberg he crossed the Alps more than once in treacherous conditions, staying in icy mountain shelters. The shi...

Biffy Clyro review – vital return for the Renaissance men of rock

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When it comes to contemporary, chart-bothering rock, Biffy Clyro – back in the Top 5 this week – are perhaps Britain’s most unique example. The Scottish alt-rock trio bring together scabrous guitar riffs, quirky rhyth...

Halloween Kills marks new high in ‘horror renaissance’

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More than four decades after John Carpenter made his defining slasher movie, the Halloween franchise returns to theatres this weekend for what is predicted to be one of its highest-grossing instalments. The excitement...

La visión de The Guardian sobre las ciudades de Italia: liderando un renacimiento de centro izquierda?

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Continúa el otoño sorprendentemente optimista para la centroizquierda europea. Los triunfos electorales en Alemania y Noruega se han seguido esta semana en el sur., donde las elecciones de la alcaldía de Italia arrojaron una serie de resultados convincentes..

Renaissance man: how Mancini turned Italy from mess to winning machine

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Roberto Mancini has never been content to just take part. Aged nine, he became so frustrated at losing a table tennis game that he threw a bat at his cousin’s head. A 24, he was part of a Sampdoria side that won Seri...