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Charlottesville removes Confederate statues that helped spark deadly rally

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Work was under way on Saturday morning to remove a statue to a Confederate general that helped spark a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in 2017. The small Virginia city said the equestrian statue of ...

Friends no longer, Ukraine removes Russian statues and street names

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By 5.36 pm on Tuesday in the historic Kyiv district of Pecherskyi, an imposing Soviet-era bronze monument symbolising the friendship between Russia and Ukraine was accidentally decapitated and then deliberately disman...

Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra removes Tchaikovsky over Ukraine conflict

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The Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra is facing ridicule after removing the Russian composer Tchaikovsky from its forthcoming programme due to the conflict in Ukraine. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, which cele...

George Floyd Square: Minneapolis removes barricades for road reopening – video

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Workers began removing artwork and barricades from George Floyd Square, the memorial space constructed at the south Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer.Barricades were be...

Charlottesville removes Confederate statues at center of deadly 2017 protest – video

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Statues of Confederate generals Robert E Lee and Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson were taken down in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, nearly four years after white supremacist protests over plans to remov...

John Terry verwyder Premierliga-trofee op NFT's ná regsingryping

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Minneapolis removes barricades to reopen George Floyd Square to traffic

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Parts of the memorial space constructed at the south Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer were removed by work crews on Thursday morning. The city confirmed to the Guardia...

John Lewis removes ‘Lollita’ child’s party dress from sale after criticism

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John Lewis has pulled a child’s party dress named “Lollita” from its shelves after receiving criticism for stocking it. The Chi Chi London “Lollita” dress was on sale for children aged three to 11 years old on the ret...

Facebook removes post by Ethiopian PM for ‘inciting violence’

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Facebook has removed a post by Ethiopia’s prime minister for “inciting and supporting violence” as diplomats stepped up attempts to instigate a ceasefire in the country’s year-long civil war. Abiy Ahmed, the winner of...

GoFundMe removes donation page for Canadian trucker protest

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Fundraising website GoFundMe has taken down a page accepting donations in support of truck drivers protesting against vaccine mandates in Canada, adding that it would refund all donations. The “Freedom Convoy 2022” be...

BBC verwyder Bitesize-bladsy oor klimaatsverandering 'voordele' na terugslag

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The BBC has removed an educational page laying out the “benefits” of climate change after a furious online reaction. BBC Bitesize, sy webwerf vir skoolkinders, claimed warmer temperatures “could lead to healthier o...

HarperCollins removes story from David Walliams’ book The World’s Worst Children

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David Walliams’ story about a Chinese boy called Brian Wong, which was criticised by campaigners for its “casual racism”, is set to be removed from future editions of his short story collection The World’s Worst Child...

Twitter removes Russian embassy tweet on Mariupol bombing

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Twitter has removed a post from the Russian embassy in London about the Mariupol hospital bombing which claimed that the facility was no longer operational and that images of the attack had been faked, following criti...

New York city hall removes Thomas Jefferson statue

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A statue of Thomas Jefferson has been removed from city hall in New York, because the founder and third president enslaved people. A work crew spent several hours on Monday freeing the 884lb, 7ft statue from its pedes...