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‘You’ve got to remove every rat’: the race to protect Round Island

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As the boat weaves between the jagged rocks of the Scilly archipelago off the coast of Cornwall, Round Island, uninhabited but for a lonely Victorian lighthouse, comes into view. Those on board preparing for their vis...

Calls grow to remove Queensland’s ‘outdated’ shark nets after another whale gets entangled

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Another whale has been caught in shark netting on the Queensland coast, prompting renewed calls for more “humane” methods of shark containment. The whale was freed by teams from the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Pa...

Bionic robo-fish able to remove microplastics from seas revealed by scientists – video

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Scientists have designed a tiny robot fish that is programmed to remove microplastics from seas and oceans by swimming around and adsorbing them. Microplastics are the billions of tiny plastic particles which fragment...

Die belangrikste: we won’t remove content from eras with ‘different sensibilities’

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The boss of the US media company Paramount has said he does not want to remove historic programmes from his new subscription streaming service because they no longer meet current expectations. Bob Bakish, Paramount’s ...

Cambridge college spent £120,000 in failed bid to remove slave trader plaque

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A Cambridge University college spent £120,000 on its failed attempt to remove a memorial in its chapel to a 17th-century benefactor who had extensive involvement in the slave trade, dit het na vore gekom. Writing in the Guar...

Not a luxury: campaign launched to provide sports bras and remove participation barriers

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For many women and girls, the ability to buy a sports bra is taken for granted. The very concept of feeling discomfort while exercising is alien to a lot of us, who have the money needed to buy one and time to have it...

Wit op wit deur Ayşegül Savaş resensie - storievertelling op 'n koue manier

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Gedruk om die mees invloedryke roman van die afgelope dekade te noem, jy kan erger doen as Rachel Cusk se Outline, wat 'n bloudruk gelê het vir modieus opgeruimde fiksie oor skaars-daar vertellers wat deurloop..

Two Hong Kong universities remove Tiananmen artworks after Pillar of Shame dismantled

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Two more Hong Kong universities have removed works of art marking Beijing’s deadly 1989 crackdown on Tiananmen Square democracy protesters, as authorities move to erase memorials to the event. The removals come a day ...

Australia free trade deal with UK to remove taxes on virtually all exports to Britain

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A free trade deal between Australia and Britain will remove taxes on virtually all Australian exports to the United Kingdom. The FTA will be formally announced by the Australian trade minister, Dan Teh, and UK high ...

Homeowner told to remove solar panels – but next door has had them for decade

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A south London man has described his incredulity after Merton council ordered him to remove his solar panels – flying in the face of attempts to tackle the climate crisis and in spite of the fact his neighbour has had...

Biden strikes down Trump-era plan to remove northern spotted owl habitat

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In a victory for the northern spotted owl, the Biden administration has struck down a Trump-era plan that would have removed more than 3.4m acres of critical habitat for the imperiled bird and opened the old-growth fo...

Violence, illegal force, misbruik: who will remove G4S from children’s prisons?

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Children locked in their rooms for up to 23 hours a day, young teenagers exposed to violence and excessive force, safeguarding systems in disarray: for those of us familiar with G4S’s record of running prisons, these ...

Al Franken rules out Senate run against Gillibrand, who led push to remove him

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Al Franken on Sunday ruled out mounting a primary challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand, the New York senator who four years ago led calls for his resignation as a senator from Minnesota over allegations of sexual misconduc...

Lake Tahoe ski resort changes name to remove racist and misogynistic slur

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A popular ski resort at California’s Lake Tahoe has changed its name to remove a racist and misogynistic slur after consultations with local Indigenous groups. The resort, known as Squaw Valley since 1949, will be cal...

Remove Windrush payout scheme from Home Office, urges Labour

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The Windrush compensation scheme should be removed from the Home Office’s administration and passed to another department, Labour has said during a parliamentary debate. The Home Office minister Kit Malthouse rejected...

Divers remove 200lb of trash from Lake Tahoe in one day – video

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Scuba divers removed about 200lb of garbage from California’s Lake Tahoe on Friday. The dive was part of a six-month effort to rid the lake of fishing rods, tires, aluminum cans, beer bottles and other rubbish accumul...

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