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Dillian Whyte’s world title ambitions on the rock in Povetkin rematch

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“This is heavyweight boxing and it takes just one second and a lapse in concentration to end it,” Dillian Whyte told me earlier this month as he remembered his crushing loss to Alexander Povetkin last August. “That’s ...

Fury v Wilder rematch postponed after Tyson Fury tests positive for Covid-19

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Tyson Fury’s world heavyweight title defence against Deontay Wilder, originally scheduled for 24 Julie, has officially been postponed after Fury tested positive for coronavirus. It was reported last week that Fury had ...

Josh Warrington has ‘got the fear’ for career-defining rematch with Lara

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‘I’ve got the fear this time,” Josh Warrington admits as he waits for the final hours to pass before he steps back into the ring to face Mauricio Lara again. The young Mexican knocked him out with shocking power in Fe...