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Dillian Whyte’s world title ambitions on the rock in Povetkin rematch

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“This is heavyweight boxing and it takes just one second and a lapse in concentration to end it,” Dillian Whyte told me earlier this month as he remembered his crushing loss to Alexander Povetkin last August. “Dis ...

Joseph Parker defeats Derek Chisora in action-packed heavyweight rematch

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Joseph Parker gained a more comprehensive victory over Derek Chisora to close the chapter on their rivalry after an action-packed heavyweight rematch in Manchester. Parker won their first meeting on a disputed split p...

Fury v Wilder rematch postponed after Tyson Fury tests positive for Covid-19

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Tyson Fury’s world heavyweight title defence against Deontay Wilder, originally scheduled for 24 Julie, has officially been postponed after Fury tested positive for coronavirus. It was reported last week that Fury had ...

Engeland dwing gespanne gelykop met Australië voor die finale herwedstryd van die Quad-reeks

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“Dit is seker my trotste oomblik,” het die kaptein Serena Guthrie gesê nadat Engeland van agter gekom het om hul derde Quad-reeks gelykop te speel 48-48 met die wêreld nr 1 span, Australië, voordat hulle weer in die eindstryd speel ...

Josh Warrington has ‘got the fear’ for career-defining rematch with Lara

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‘I’ve got the fear this time,” Josh Warrington admits as he waits for the final hours to pass before he steps back into the ring to face Mauricio Lara again. The young Mexican knocked him out with shocking power in Fe...

Joshua rubbishes reports of £15m deal to walk away from Usyk rematch

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Anthony Joshua has dismissed suggestions he has signed a £15m deal to step aside from his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk. Reports claimed Joshua was willing to allow Usyk to instead fight Tyson Fury for the undisputed he...