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Perú incinerará los restos del líder de Sendero Luminoso poniendo fin a semanas de controversia

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Las autoridades peruanas incinerarán el cuerpo de Abimael Guzmán, el fundador del grupo rebelde Sendero Luminoso que mató a decenas de miles de personas en las décadas de 1980 y 1990, y esparcirán sus cenizas en un lugar no revelado..

‘It remains out of reach’: bipartisan talks on US police reform bill collapse

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Bipartisan negotiations in US Congress over a police reform bill that was prompted by the killing of George Floyd have collapsed. “We did the best we could,” the Democratic congresswoman Karen Bass told reporters on W...

Gabby Petito: Florida police search for fiance after remains found

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Police in Florida are searching for the missing fiance of Gabby Petito, whose body appears to have been found in a wilderness camping area in Wyoming. The disappearance of Petito, 22, during a four-month cross-country...

Shamima Begum, regardless of her new image, remains the UK’s responsibility

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In her first live interview since joining Islamic State (ES), on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, 22-year-old Shamima Begum made her latest appeal to return to the UK. She is one of over 6,000 minors who became affiliated ...

Islamism remains first-order security threat to west, says Tony Blair

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The west still faces the threat of 9/11-style attacks by radical Islamist groups but this time using bio-terrorism, Tony Blair has warned. Blair also challenges the US president, Joe Biden, by urging democratic govern...

Police search quarry near York for Claudia Lawrence remains

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Police in York are searching a flooded quarry for the remains of Claudia Lawrence, who went missing in 2009. The search is focused on Sand Hutton gravel pits, a popular spot for angling in Sand Hutton, a village eight...

Esther Dingley: remains found in Pyrenees are missing Briton’s

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Human remains found in the search for the British hiker Esther Dingley who went missing in the Pyrenees have been confirmed by DNA testing as being hers, the charity LBT Global has said. Dingley, 37, had been walking ...

London remains best city in the world to study in new rankings

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London remains the best city in the world to be a university student, according to an international ranking of higher education centres that placed it ahead of rivals such as Tokyo, Boston and Berlin. The capital reta...

Bernadette Walker: search for missing teenager remains unresolved

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En 7 septiembre 2020, Scott Walker posted a plea on Facebook for his daughter, 17-year-old Bernadette, to come home. She had been missing since 18 July after apparently jumping out of his car and running away when he p...

Esther Dingley family call for clarity after claim human remains found in Pyrenees

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The charity representing the family of British hiker Esther Dingley says it is seeking urgent clarification after reports emerged that possible human remains had been found close to where the woman went missing in the...

‘A systemic failure’: vaccine misinformation remains rampant on Facebook, los expertos dicen

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Facebook is under fire once again over the proliferation of vaccine misinformation on its platform, after Joe Biden said tech giants such as Facebook are “killing people” for failing to tackle the problem. The White H...

The assassination of Haiti’s leader remains shrouded in mystery: ‘We may never know’

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Giovanna Romero remembers her husband, Mauricio, as a caring father who called home every night when he was out of the country on work. He did so as usual on the night of 6 July – from where, exactamente, she isn’t sure –...

Amazon rainforest ‘will collapse if Bolsonaro remains president’

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The collapse of the Amazon rainforest is inevitable if Jair Bolsonaro remains president of Brazil, academics and environmental activists have warned amid a fresh government assault on protections for the forest. Despi...

Scotland’s key problem remains unchanged: the lack of an X factor

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The inquest attached to Scotland failing to exit the group stage at a major tournament is at least novel. For too long, grim analysis surrounded an inability to reach championships in the first place. Steve Clarke’s t...

Lionel Messi remains Argentina’s best hope of glory even in his twilight

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The ball comes to Lionel Messi in midfield. He returns it with a disdainful flick of the foot that says: I can’t do anything with this. I don’t want it. Take it back. And then he sighs and walks off in the opposite di...

Though it is newly respectable, the Wuhan lab theory remains fanciful

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In the storm of disinformation since the emergence of Covid-19, the assertion that the virus is human-created has lingered on the fringes. This outlandish conjecture, once confined to conspiracy theorists, has undergo...

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