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The Dixie fire is almost out, but its inhospitable ‘moonscapes’ remain

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After more than two months, the battle to contain the Dixie fire – a behemoth blaze that swept nearly 1m acres, leveling mountain towns and blackening the conifer-covered landscape – is nearing its end. But even after...

Prince Philip’s will to remain secret for 90 anni, high court rules

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s will is to remain secret to protect the “dignity” of the Queen because of her constitutional role, the high court has ruled. Philip – the nation’s longest-serving consort – died aged 99 su 9 Ap...

Strides made but stigmas remain: Japan hesitant in embracing Paralympics

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When the Tokyo Paralympics opened on 24 agosto, the Japanese capital became the first city to host the Games twice. The first official Paralympics were held in Rome in 1960 and the second after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics...

‘Not open for humans’: Covid changes east Asia’s Ghost Month but free spirits remain

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On the 15th day of Ghost Month, when the gates to hell are believed to open and spirits walk the earth, Taoist masters are invited to the Zhupu Altar, a massive temple built on a hillside in Keelung, northern Taiwan. ...

Covid cases remain elevated as UK travel takes off

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The number of daily new Covid infections has remained elevated in the past month after the removal of most pandemic restrictions, fuelled by the Delta variant. The latest daily figures up to 25 August show 35,847 peo...

Taliban will take ‘different stanceif US troops remain beyond 31 August – video

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A Taliban spokesperson has said in a press conference that the 31 August deadline for US evacuations from the country will remain, adding the Taliban are "not in favour" of allowing skilled Afghans to leave the countr...

Più di 200 children remain abducted in Nigeria amid ‘kidnap epidemic’

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Più di 200 schoolchildren remain abducted by armed “bandit” groups in northern Nigeria, among more than 1,000 students taken this year as schools in northern Nigeria have become prime targets. A startling absence o...

Velodrome domination slips away but Kennys remain Team GB’s golden couple

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This was never going to be an Olympic Games quite like any other. The bike racing in Tokyo reflected that, and within that bubble so did the fortunes of Great Britain’s cyclists. It was a bizarrely apposite conclusion...

Chinese services activity accelerates, but Delta variant concerns remain – business live

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The latest coverage of the world economy, financial markets, and business.

A year on from Beirut explosion, scars and questions remain

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When his workplace blew to pieces, dockworker Yusuf Shehadi was waiting to hear back from colleagues who had scrambled to help firefighters extinguish a blaze in the port of Beirut. The fire was bad and getting worse,...

Tensions remain high as hopes dashed for breakthrough in China and India stalemate

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It was described as a dialogue, the first high-level meeting in months between the Indian and Chinese foreign ministers to address the ongoing border aggressions that have pushed the two nuclear-armed countries to the...

Fears of new US Covid surge as Delta spreads and many remain unvaccinated

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More than nine out of 10 Americans who died from Covid-19 in the US in June were unvaccinated, according to Anthony Fauci – a statistic that health officials say is especially concerning given the prevalence of vaccin...

Masks should remain mandatory on public transport, say English mayors

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Mayors in some of England’s Covid hotspots want mandatory mask-wearing to continue on public transport after the next stage of unlocking on 19 luglio. Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, also wants people to ...

US image rebounds while ‘unfavourable’ views of China remain, global survey finds

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A new survey has found that since Joe Biden came to power, positive views of the United States have rebounded across 17 advanced economies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Most continue to see China in an un...

While China’s borders remain closed, the global economy suffers

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Nel mese di marzo 2020, I wrote that life was returning to normal in China, but that other countries faced a longer wait. I did not imagine that this longer wait would extend until the summer of 2021. Nel frattempo, China has retu...

A year on from the Juukan Gorge destruction, Aboriginal sacred sites remain unprotected

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The Western Australian government has refused to commit to a moratorium on approving the destruction of Aboriginal heritage sites, despite the recommendation of a Senate committee which found that the laws are “unfit ...

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