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Coalition invests further $50m in new vaccine campaign to sway reluctant Australians

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Another $50m will be spent trying to convince the 20% of Australians who are reluctant to get a Covid-19 vaccination. The federal government on Sunday launched a new campaign promoting an expanding network of vaccinat...

Buscado: a true leader for Europe now Merkel’s reluctant reign is over

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Advancing Panzer tanks and Wehrmacht divisions once symbolised German ambitions to dominate Europe. Eighty years on, the position is wholly reversed. Blitzkrieg has been replaced by snooze-krieg as the leading candida...

Vaccine passports will make hesitant people ‘even more reluctant to get jabbed’

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Imposing vaccine passports is likely to make hesitant people even more reluctant to get Covid jabs, research involving more than 16,000 people has found as Downing Street vowed to press ahead with the plan within a mo...

Under-30s reluctant to take Covid vaccine cite fertility and side-effect concerns

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Since the vaccine rollout began last year, the journey has been relatively smooth. The few bumps that the jab juggernaut has encountered, mostly hiccups in the supply chain, have been successfully navigated. Yet there...

Ministers ‘reluctant’ to push furlough scheme for self-isolating workers

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Ministers have been accused of suppressing access to higher levels of sick pay for those isolating with Covid during the third wave. In a move critics have branded “disgusting” and said may have cost lives, the Treasu...

Texas business leaders reluctant to take sides in heated voting rights battle

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After Democrats derailed one of Texas’s most restrictive voting bills at the 11th hour – all but guaranteeing yet another partisan showdown in the near future – business leaders in the state have gone eerily silent as...

‘This isn’t ideological’: reluctant activists behind Exxon coup

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The activist hedge fund behind ExxonMobil’s boardroom coup last week has claimed another seat from the oil giant’s board, to take the number of new directors who will push for climate action from within the company to...

Eileen Agar: the reluctant surrealist

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By a quirk of fate, and museum tastes, the British artist Eileen Agar is still best known for a single sculpture in the Tate collection: a magnetically outlandish male head titled Angel of Anarchy (c1936). Constructed...