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Covid Australia live news updates: ‘national emergency’ as NSW vaccine request rejected

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Scott Morrison says no Pfizer doses will be taken from other states after Daniel Andrews called for ‘ring of steel’ around greater Sydney

Airbnb suspends Victorian host who rejected couple for receiving Covid vaccine

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Airbnb has suspended a host in Victoria who refused to provide accomodation to a couple because they had received their first shots of the Covid-19 vaccine. Just before the latest Melbourne outbreak, Steve Carey tried...

Four out of five rejected trafficking claims were overturned in UK last year

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Four out of five rejected human trafficking claims challenged in the UK last year were overturned, according to newly obtained figures that have raised concerns that poor decision-making is putting lives at risk. Out ...

Heathrow’s bid to raise charges to cover £2.6bn Covid costs rejected

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Heathrow’s request to increase airport charges to recoup £2.6bn lost during the pandemic has been rejected by the UK’s aviation regulator. The Civil Aviation Authority’s consumers and markets director, Paul Smith, des...