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David Squires oor … Premierliga-regulering en die groot Chinese hongersnood

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Ons spotprenttekenaar oor die heeltemal matige reaksie deur sommige klubs op aanbevelings van die aanhanger-geleide hersiening van sokkerbestuur

Call for urgent regulation of UK’s buy-now-pay-later lenders

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Buy-now-pay-later lenders should be regulated urgently to prevent young consumers taking on a mountain of debt they may be unable to afford, the Labour MP Stella Creasy will argue on Tuesday. Creasy, the MP for Waltha...

TechScape: Xi Jinping’s ‘Little Red Book’ of tech regulation could lead the way

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After a long hiatus and endless gossip, Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, has finally resurfaced. Verlede maand, he was spotted meeting business partners in Hong Kong. Meer onlangs, he travelled to Spain on Zen, his luxury ya...

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen calls for urgent external regulation

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Mark Zuckerberg “has unilateral control over 3 billion people” due to his unassailable position at the top of Facebook, the whistleblower Frances Haugen told MPs as she called for urgent external regulation to rein in...

Facebook executive says tech firms need stronger regulation

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The tech industry “needs regulation” because it should not be left to make the rules on issues including harmful online content on its own, a Facebook executive has said. Monika Bickert, Facebook’s vice-president of c...

TechScape: UK online safety bill could set tone for global social media regulation

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Even before the arrival of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, social media companies were feeling the heat from regulators and politicians. It is white-hot now. We were well past the tipping point of mild concern ...

Less regulation means more business for the City, reg? It’s not that simple

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Being a specialist in financial services regulation is a great way to make sure you never talk about your job at parties. It’s complicated and it’s boring and the only times it’s ever in the news are exactly the times...