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Belarus regime ‘has used football as propaganda’

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The regime of the Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko has systematically interfered in the running of the country’s football federation and used the sport as a “pro-government propaganda” instrument, a report ha...

Several Team GB athletes approach Coe over ‘catastrophic’ UK Athletics regime

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Several of Britain’s top track and field stars have told Sebastian Coe they are at breaking point with the current regime at UK Athletics and have made a plea to him to intervene. Multiple sources have told the Guardi...

Top Taliban leader flies into Kabul for talks on setting up new Afghan regime

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Abdul Ghani Baradar, one of the Taliban’s top leaders, arrived in Kabul on Saturday as senior figures began talks on how they will govern Afghanistan. Baradar, one of the most public faces of the Taliban who made his ...

Stephen Colbert mocks ‘poorly handled regime change’ at Jeopardy!

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Stephen Colbert addressed “the big story everybody’s talking about right now” on Thursday’s Late Show, “which continues to be the chaos surrounding the poorly handled regime change … over at Jeopardy!”. The renowned ...

Belarus regime steps up ‘purge’ of activists and media

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Aleysa Ivanova wakes up each morning wondering when the knock on her door will come. “You understand you can be next. Every day I wake up, I think ‘maybe it’ll be tomorrow, maybe today. Maybe they’ll come for me this ...

EU widens Belarus sanctions to make Lukashenko regime ‘run dry’

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The European Union has extended sanctions against Belarus, with pledges to make Alexander Lukashenko’s regime “run dry”, following last month’s forced landing of a Ryanair flight to arrest a dissident. EU foreign mini...

‘Discussions are happening’ to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore regime in New Zealand

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New Zealand’s government is now in regular conversation with Australia about how to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore detention regime – a significant step towards a resolution, advocates say, eight years af...

UK companies face pressure over links to Belarus regime

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The role of UK companies in allegedly helping to prop up Europe’s so-called “last dictatorship” is coming under unprecedented pressure amid signs that lobbying by Belarusian exiles and others is paying off. Rolls-Royc...

Hostile UK border regime traumatises visitors from EU

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Britain’s hostile regime for potential EU migrants is traumatising visitors caught in its web and provoking further worries for European families receiving visits from relatives, according to accounts provided to the ...

UK politics live: Raab suggests EU acting like authoritarian regime after it threatens vaccine exports to UK

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Dominic Raab tells EU that the threat ‘some explaining’ and warns that the ‘world is watching’

‘A crime on top of a crime’: Assad regime reburies Aleppo’s war dead

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Fadwa Hallak’s memory of what happened the day her husband died is blurry. Ibrahim Rahawi was killed by shrapnel in either an airstrike or missile attack in 2015 during the siege of Aleppo – one of the bloodiest and m...

UK imposes sanctions on six senior Syria regime figures

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The UK government has marked the 10th anniversary of the Syrian uprising against Bashar al-Assad by imposing sanctions on six senior Syrian regime figures including Faisal Mekdad, the new Syrian foreign minister. Die ...