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New Zealand rowers claim two more golds in historic Olympic regatta wins

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New Zealand have claimed two more rowing golds at the Tokyo Olympics, with Emma Twigg powering to victory in the single sculls and the men’s eight upsetting the odds to beat much more fancied rivals. After Grace Prend...

Team GB win bronze in men’s eight as inquest starts into poor Olympic regatta

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Great Britain’s men’s eight produced a good performance to take bronze in the Olympic regatta’s final event as the inquest began over a disappointing medal return in Tokyo. The men’s eight were not considered to be re...

Recycled regatta: world heritage site highlights plastic pollution crisis

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Red Lion is the kind of boat you would not see in most regattas. Its frame is made of bamboo, sourced from washed-up fishing equipment, and it uses two old oil drums for buoyancy. Equally strange is Rasta Rocket – mad...