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Actualización de Victoria Covid: más que 40 police stood down for refusing coronavirus vaccine

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Más que 40 Victoria police staff have been stood down and face losing their jobs after refusing to have the Covid vaccine. Victoria police on Monday confirmed 34 police officers and nine protective services officers...

Coronavirus en vivo: global deaths pass 5m; UK care home workers refusing jab told to ‘get another job’

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Delta strain continues to ravage unvaccinated countries; UK health secretary hits out at unvaccinated care home workers

Algerian judoka gets 10-year ban for refusing to face Israeli at Olympics

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The Algerian judoka Fethi Nourine and his coach have been suspended for 10 years by the International Judo Federation (IJF) for withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics after the draw set him on course for a bout against a...

Why don’t you get a jab? Offspring drummer ousted after refusing Covid vaccine

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Pete Parada, drummer with Californian pop-punks the Offspring, has said he has been ousted from the band over his refusal to be vaccinated for Covid-19. In a post on Instagram, él dijo: “Since I am unable to comply wi...

Belarus sprinter safe and under Tokyo police protection after refusing to go home

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The Belarus athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, who alleges she was taken against her will by team officials to Tokyo airport, is being protected by police and the UN Human Rights Commission are also involved, the IOC co...

Algerian judoka sent home from Olympics after refusing to face Israeli

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An Algerian judoka has been suspended and sent home after withdrawing from the Olympics when his draw set him on course to compete against an Israeli competitor. Before his suspension, Fethi Nourine, who was due to ta...

Tim Dowling: the power is off, but my wife is refusing to help

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The middle one comes out to my office to inform me that he’s sent me an email. "Oh, OK,” I say, hitting the space bar on my dormant computer. “I didn’t see.” “I sent it, me gusta, an hour ago," él dice. We chat for a mom...

Algunos atletas olímpicos de GB todavía se niegan a recibir la vacuna Covid, dice el jefe de BOA

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The British Olympic Association (BIEN) todavía está tratando de convencer a algunos atletas de que se vacunen contra el Covid-19 antes de los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio del próximo mes, el director ejecutivo Andy Anson dijo. The BOA said earlier this month i...