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Colbert on Tucker Carlson’s end-of-men film: ‘A refreshing display of homoeroticism’

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Al Late Show, Stephen Colbert started by reminding everyone what the day represented for Americans. “Today was also tax day or as Jeff Bezos calls it, no it’s not,” he joked. The midterms are seven months away and...

Welcome to the Ashes lite. It might just turn out to be quite refreshing

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No fans, no form book, no tour games, no trash talk, no grand swooping narrative arcs to be completed – no real idea what might happen next. There may have been more stripped back, low pulse preludes to an Ashes serie...

Time for tea: refreshing alternatives to alcohol

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JING Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Tea (£17.95, The British have been reducing their daily intake of tea for decades – a long, steady decline that has coincided with the seemingly inexorable rise of coffee. Bu...

How to turn past-their-best summer berries into a refreshing drink – recipe

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In the height of summer, strawberries ripen quickly, and often go soft and unpalatable. At this stage, before they turn mouldy, they are perfect for fermenting, not least because these are signs that the process has a...