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‘I’m the face of it’: the people whose images came to define 9/11 reflect on the day

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Marcy Borders was a 28-year-old Bank of America employee when she fled from the north tower on 9/11. She became known as “the dust lady” because of a single indelible photograph. She died from stomach cancer in 2015....

Hong Kong legal system should reflect China’s will, says official

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Hong Kong’s judicial system should reflect the will and interests of the Chinese nation, a senior official overseeing the national security law has said. The comments have been interpreted as a clear instruction from ...

‘It will not be the last war’: Palestinians and Israelis reflect on Gaza ceasefire

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After four wars in 13 jare, or four battles in a single conflict punctuated by intermittent periods of calm, many Israelis and Palestinians on Friday expressed a weary sense of deja vu about the latest Gaza ceasefire...

Derek Chauvin-verhoor: officer’s brief defense could reflect confidenceor lack of credibility

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The prosecution took 10 days to lay out its case against Derek Chauvin. The former Minneapolis police officer’s defense to the charges of murdering George Floyd barely lasted two. The relative brevity of Chauvin’s cas...

‘My children were priceless jewels’: three families reflect on the health workers they lost

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Dr Reza Chowdhury was a beloved internist with a private practice in the Bronx and a trusted voice in New York’s Bengali community. His daughter, Nikita Rahman, said despite underlying health issues that put him at hi...

Northern Ireland clashes reflect loyalistsfear of marginalisation

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A Sinn Féin funeral was the spark but loyalists in Northern Ireland have been throwing petrol bombs and burning cars partly because they fear political marginalisation. The union flag no longer flutters daily over Bel...

British black power: stars of BBC documentary reflect on UK activism

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When Zainab Abbas, a renowned activist and former member of the Black Liberation Front, was asked if things had improved for black people in the UK over the past 50 jare, she didn’t hesitate with her response. “I don...