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More Prevent referrals linked to far-right extremism than Islamist

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The number of referrals to the government’s Prevent counter-terrorism programme relating to far-right extremism has exceeded those for Islamist radicalisation for the first time. Daar was 1,229 referrals owing to co...

Verwysings na NHS vir kinders oor geestesgesondheid verdubbel in pandemie

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Rekordgetalle kinders en jongmense soek toegang tot NHS se geestesgesondheidsdienste, syfers toon, soos die verwoestende tol van die pandemie in 'n nuwe analise onthul word. In net drie maande, byna 200,000 en ...

Young mental health referrals double in England after lockdowns

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More than twice as many children and adolescents were referred to mental health services year on year in England as cases hit a record high. The findings have been called “heartbreaking” and “awful” by the new chair o...

NHS hit by Covid disruption as cancer referrals plunge

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The Covid pandemic is casting a wide shadow over the nation’s health, according to new data revealing a dramatic drop in urgent referrals for suspected cancers in England, and a plummeting quality of life among patien...