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Queensland emissions reduction goals ‘blown’ under government resources plan, advocates say

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Environmental advocates have accused the Queensland government of “blowing” its modest emissions reduction targets after the release of a 30-year plan for the state’s resources sector, which they describe as a severel...

US calls on Australia to increase 2030 emission reduction pledge to help prevent ‘greater destruction’

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The US will urge Australia to increase its 2030 emission reduction pledge this year, with a senior official declaring it was “a long time ago” when the Abbott government set the target the Morrison government says is ...

The delay of New Zealand’s emissions reduction plan is embarrassing – we need action now

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La semana pasada, New Zealand’s government announced a five-month delay to the emissions reduction plan (ERP) – its key programme for combatting climate change. This is gutting – climate decisions by many organisations and i...

What’s Boris Johnson offering in his crime reduction plan?

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What is the government’s new crime plan? It is a phalanx of announcements and measures the government claims will cut crime and make the public feel safer. There is some more money for medium to long-term measures suc...

MPs and campaigners alarmed at UK’s ‘discriminatory’ crime reduction plans

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MPs and campaigners have sounded alarm at a series of proposals in the government crime reduction plan, including more frequent stop and search, a trial of “alcohol tags” and criminals undertaking “visible” community ...

How harm reduction models can save US lives in the pandemic

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Over the course of the pandemic, the stark political divide in the US around implementing public health measures has at times been as perplexing for public health officials as the virus itself. Por un lado, the fo...