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Lego develops first bricks made from recycled plastic bottles

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Lego has unveiled its first bricks made from recycled plastic bottles and revealed that it hopes to include the pieces in sets within two years. The Danish company, which takes its name from the Danish words for “leg ...

Hair waste from salons recycled to mop up oil spills on sea shores

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Hair cuttings from salons are being used to mop up oil spills and hair bleaches, and dyes are being burned to create energy as part of a scheme to make the hairdressing industry greener. Negli ultimi 10 mesi, 550 S...

Can recycled glass help restore Louisiana’s eroding coastline?

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Dave Clements, owner of Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge, a beloved dive bar in New Orleans, has watched Louisiana’s coast shrink year after year. “I used to go fishing quite a bit down in Delacroix area. Me an...

How green are your leggings? Recycled polyester is not a silver bullet (yet)

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A colleague was standing in front of me holding a swatch of shiny black polyester made from upcycled marine litter. “It’s recycled but is it recyclable?” I asked. "No," lei disse, “it’ll end up in landfill.” This was ...