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Robot-assisted surgery can cut blood clot risk and speed recovery, studie bevind

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Patients having major abdominal operations should be offered the option of robotic surgery, doctors and scientists have said, after a world-first clinical trial found the procedures dramatically speed up recovery time...

Toddler allegedly left on childcare bus in almost 30C heat ‘doing well’ in recovery, family says

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The family of a three-year-old girl who was allegedly left in a hot bus for six hours outside her childcare centre in central Queensland say they are hoping for a speedy recovery. Nevaeh Austin was found unconscious o...

Australian arts sector says budget cuts during pandemic recovery ‘highly disappointing’

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The arts sector is facing a significant drop in federal government funding as pandemic support measures come to an abrupt end despite some industries struggling to recover. The arts minister, Paul Fletcher, said the i...

Mahmood and Leach lead England recovery after West Indies’ fast start

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After two turgid Test matches in Antigua and Barbados this series suddenly burst into life on the opening day of the decider in St George’s. A carnival took place off the field and a procession of wickets took place o...

Adwoa Aboah on acting, recovery and her racial awakening: ‘I am a Black woman. I have a lot to say’

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N paar weke gelede, Adwoa Aboah experienced what she describes as “a sombre moment”. “I was at my mum and dad’s, clearing out my childhood room," sy sê, her voice a little shaky. “I was going through all these old Vog...

JD Wetherspoon to raise prices as pub sales continue recovery

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The boss of JD Wetherspoon has warned of increased costs caused by the rising price of food and drink products and soaring energy bills, as the pub chain cut losses and said business was close to returning to pre-pand...

Australië nuusopdaterings regstreeks: Scott Morrison says ‘enormous effort’ going into floods recovery, Sydney Harbour Bridge closed after crash

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Prime minister acknowledges frustration of flood-hit residents over the recovery operation as more rain forecast; Perrottet says some flood affected areas ‘couldn’t be accessed’. Volg al die dag se nuus

Australië nuus regstreekse opdaterings: meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan; meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan

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Meer as 70,000 meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan 55 meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan; meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan 3.8 meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan; meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan, meer NSW-vloedwaarskuwings in plek soos Lismore-opruiming voortgaan.

Covid recovery funding pits Italy’s dying towns against each other

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Perched on a rock surrounded by a vast nature reserve, the hilltop hamlet of Trevinano sent tremors across the Lazio region when it was announced this month that it and its 142 residents were in line for €20m (£16.73m...

TV vanaand: Kate Garraway and Derek Draper’s gruelling road to recovery after Covid

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“The person he is now, in many ways, is a stranger.” Kate Garraway finally welcomes her husband, Derek Draper, home after 374 days in hospital with Covid-19. In this follow-up to last year’s emotionally frank Finding...

Lessons from a tornado: what one American town can teach others about disaster recovery

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The tornado struck Joplin, Missouri, in Mei 2011 with such fury that afterward, even those who had lived here their entire lives struggled to recognize it. The nearly mile-wide storm wiped away entire neighborhoods an...

Noordelike leiers om kultuur in die middel van die streek se post-pandemiese herstel te plaas

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Dink aan "die noorde" en beelde wat by jou opkom, sluit in Antony Gormley se Engel van die Noorde, die beeldhouwerk van Henry Moore en Manchester se musiektoneel. Maar nou het 'n seldsame vertoning van kruisparty-eenheid vir almal gevra ...

Recovery: The Lost Art of Convalescence by Dr Gavin Francis review – the art of getting better

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Getting better is rarely something that happens all the time. Whether we’ve been seriously ill or injured, everyone has to experience the complexities of recovery as the aftermath. Aftermath is an old agricultural ter...

Groei in die eurosone vertraag tot nege maande laagtepunt namate die Duitse herstel staak – besigheid lewe

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

‘We need to respect the process of healing’: a GP on the overlooked art of recovery

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Over the past two years I’ve spent much of my time as a GP assessing and managing the fear, fever and breathlessness caused by coronavirus, but I’ve also spent more of my time than ever before talking to people about ...

Black Americans continue to see higher jobless rate despite market recovery

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Even as economists celebrated a job market recovery seen from the beginning of the pandemic, when unemployment peaked at 14.8%, to November when unemployment was 4.2%, Black Americans have continued to see a much high...

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