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Capitol attack panel recommends contempt prosecution for Jeffrey Clark

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The House select committee investigating the Capitol attack recommended on Wednesday the criminal prosecution of the former Trump justice department official Jeffrey Clark, over his refusal to comply with a subpoena i...

Nevada judge recommends dismissal of Cristiano Ronaldo rape case

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A magistrate judge in Nevada has sided with Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers against a woman who sued the footballer after saying he raped her in Las Vegas in 2009. In a scathing recommendation to the judge hearing the cas...

Judge recommends tribe be allowed to hunt gray whales off Washington state

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An administrative law judge has recommended that a Native American tribe in Washington state be allowed to hunt gray whales – a major step in its decades-long effort to resume the ancient practice. “This is a testame...

Nice recommends mental health support for those badly affected by acne

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For the first time ever, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Lekker) has recommended mental health support for people severely affected by their acne. The final guidance, the first by Nice to address ...

Great Barrier Reef should be listed as ‘in danger’, Unesco recommends

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The Great Barrier Reef should be placed on to a list of world heritage sites that are “in danger”, according to a recommendation from UN officials that urges Australia to take “accelerated action at all possible level...

Die korrupsiewaghond van NSW beveel aanklagte aan teen Daryl Maguire en vier raadslede

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Die NSW-korrupsiewaghond het die voormalige liberale parlementslid Daryl Maguire verwys vir moontlike strafregtelike aanklagte vir die aflewering van vals getuienis tydens 'n lang ondersoek na ernstige korrupsie in die Canterbury-raad.. Die Ind ...

Scotland should have specialist rape court, review recommends

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Scotland should have a national specialist court to deal with rape cases, according to a wide-ranging review that campaigners say has the potential to “transform the country’s response to sexual crime”. The proposals...