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‘My pubic hair paintings could hang in your living room’: the artists reclaiming women’s sexuality

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A Woman’s Right to Pleasure is a new compendium celebrating female erotic art. We meet its contributors, including the photographer who turned her vagina into a cameraDuring the darkest days of the Trump presidency, w ...

‘Kawaiiii!’ Chai, the Japanese girl band reclaiming cuteness

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When the Japanese girl band Chai took to the stage of Yes in Manchester two years ago in matching bubblegum pink and hi-vis stripes, the critic Gary Ryan marvelled at how gloriously flamboyant they were. He loved thei...

‘My full name is Tanyaradzwa’: the stars reclaiming their names

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When the director of her earliest film asked Thandiwe Newton if they could use her “authentic and beautiful” first name for her character, the young actor felt flattered and agreed. They later dropped the “w” from her...

‘Reclaiming women’s bodies from shame’: a photographic illumination of ageing

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Al di sopra di 12 mesi, Ponch Hawkes has shot more than 400 nude women over 50 to fix a pervasive problem: ‘We don’t know what the bodies of older women actually look like’by Brigid Delaney Sun 7 Mar 2021 21.36 EST Last m...

‘We were pinned as the bitches’: the OC and 90210 stars reclaiming their voices

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There is nothing new about a nostalgic TV reunion. In the last year we’ve seen televisual specials reunite actors from Friends, New Girl and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for emotional chats and table reads of episodes ...

‘We’re taking the man out of the myth’: the musical reclaiming Rumi from Instagram

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He is everywhere and nowhere. The words of Jalal al-Din Rumi are found on sunset images pasted on Instagram and coffee mugs sold on Etsy; his poems have been featured in recordings from Madonna and Coldplay and he is ...

Field: Something for the Future Now review – reclaiming freedom al fresco

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When your stage is the size of a football pitch and you’ve got all afternoon, you can afford to take your time. As the mist rolls off Arthur’s Seat, Christine Devaney’s company of dancers sit on their stools, alert bu...

La settimana in TV: Dominic Cummings: The Interview; Uprising; Reclaiming Amy; Ted Lasso

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Going by Dominic Cummings: The Interview, conducted by BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg, it would appear that the erstwhile government adviser learned no useful showbiz lessons (charm, humility, not smirking...

Unstoppable movement: how New Zealand’s Māori are reclaiming land with occupations

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Two years ago, a small pocket of land three kilometres from Auckland’s international airport became the most prominent site of a struggle by Māori, New Zealand’s indigenous people, to reclaim land confiscated by the c...