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Abbiamo obbedito alle regole del Covid quando nostro padre è morto. Sono arrabbiato che il PM abbia evitato una resa dei conti di Partygate

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Sentendo la notizia che Boris Johnson sembra dover farla franca con "Partygate" mi ha semplicemente fatto arrabbiare. Il numero di multe che riceve personalmente - che la gente ora pensa sarà solo quella - non conta...

Better Call Saul recap: season six, episode three – Nacho’s reckoning

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Avviso spoiler: this recap is for people watching Better Call Saul season six, which airs on Netflix in the UK. Do not read on unless you have watched episodes one to three. During an interview with Seth Meyers two yea...

resa dei conti americana: resa dei conti americana

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Pressure on Italian Catholic church to face child sexual abuse reckoning

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Pressure is mounting on Italy’s Catholic church to face a reckoning on child sexual abuse amid unofficial estimates that the country could have the highest number of victims of paedophile priests in the world. Damning...

Australian PM apologises for ‘terrible’ parliamentary culture after Canberra’s #MeToo reckoning

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Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, along with other political leaders, has apologised for the “terrible things” that happened in parliament workplaces and acknowledged a culture of bullying, abuso, harassment...

‘It was bigger than Cosby’: W Kamau Bell on reckoning with an icon’s fall

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When word reached W Kamau Bell that Bill Cosby was home from prison, the United Shades of America host could have torn at his trademark salt-and-pepper afro. Bell was in Philadelphia, Cosby’s home town, wrapping up in...

Mass review – impeccably acted school shooter reckoning

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Mass is a wonderfully acted, if claustrophobic, ordeal of emotional pain. Perhaps against the odds, it achieves in its final moments a breakthrough of understanding and acceptance – and moves beyond its rather theatri...

In reckoning with its demons, Hillsong will be forced to move away from what made it powerful

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Hillsong Church is in crisis. Australia’s greatest cultural export – with 131 churches in 30 Paesi, 150,000 weekly congregants, 50 million churchgoers singing their songs each week, and over three billion YouTube ...

UK faces reckoning after unmarked Indigenous graves discovered in Canada

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The United Kingdom is facing growing calls to re-examine the troubling legacy of its colonial history in Canada after the discovery of more than 1,000 unmarked graves at former residential schools for Indigenous child...

Canada First Nation chiefs ask for reckoning after 751 unmarked graves discovered – video

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Tanti quanti 751 unmarked graves, some of which are believed to be of First Nation children, were discovered in Canada’s Saskatchewan province just weeks after a similar discovery in British Columbia, prompting a fresh ...

We are told America is living through a ‘racial reckoning’. Is it really?

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“Hate has no place in America.” So tweeted Joe Biden last week while announcing that he would sign new legislation to address the rising tide of racist hate crimes against people of Asian descent in the United States....

Decolonizing Rodin: America’s racial reckoning comes to a San Francisco art museum

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The racial reckoning that has swept the US for the last year has touched many institutions, high and low. But it’s only now, as the country reopens, that the results are becoming visible. Fine arts museums have grappl...

The Guardian view on the murder of George Floyd: a racial reckoning begins

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The relief that swept through the crowd outside the Minneapolis court, and rippled around the world, was in its own way shocking. The conviction of Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s murder should have been inevitable. ...

The Reckoning review – witch movie descends into misogynistic torture ordeal

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Here’s a deeply unpleasant and misogynistic horror about a woman accused of witchcraft, made in the image of Game of Thrones by British film-maker Neil Marshall (who has directed episodes of GoT). It starts off inoffe...

Surrogate by Susan Spindler review – a postmenopausal reckoning

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A 54, Ruth Furnival is powerful, successful, and fast becoming invisible. Having left her working-class Cornish roots far behind to become the director of her own TV production company, along the way wedding charming...