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Nieves Barragán Mohacho’s Spanish fish stews for winter – recipes

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It’s very common to make a bean, chickpea or lentil stew at least once a week in Spain – we Spaniards love our pulses, and there’s nothing quite as comforting in the colder months. Today’s fishy recipes are quite trad...

Aligot, khachapuri and spätzle: Yotam Ottolenghi’s super-cheesy recipes

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Blue Monday may or may not be the most gloomy day of the year, but it’s a good idea to have some pre-emptive preparations in place either way. Para mí, that always takes the form of food and its unfailing ability to co...

‘I get the rowdiest crowds in Australia’: Yotam Ottolenghi on touring and risk-taking recipes

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“Australia is on a different scale,” says Yotam Ottolenghi, a chef who needs little introduction. A household name, to cook his recipes has almost become its own cuisine. Preparing a tour that will take him away from ...

Charred prawns and nutty pasta: Yotam Ottolenghi’s five-ingredient recipes

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The task of cooking a dish that features just five ingredients is both a challenge and an opportunity for me. A challenge for obvious reasons – I’ve been known to reach for the herbs and spices, after all – and an opp...

Why do Indian recipes always have to come from some mythic grandmother?

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En Gran Bretaña, food writing by “minority groups” – and here I’m talking about Indians, because that’s my own background – almost always gives a central role to those “heirloom family recipes” handed down the generations ...

Small celebrations: 22 recipes to make intimate New Year gatherings feel like a party

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The Omicron variant may have torpedoed any hopes of a back-to-normal welcome to 2022, but it is still possible to host a memorable party, albeit one that’s a little more intimate. If there’s anything the last two year...

Too much mincemeat? 10 delicious recipes to make the most of it – or even reuse mince pies

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Christmas is coming and, in a burst of uncharacteristic domesticity, you have decided to make your own mince pies. It’s a sensible impulse because the act of eating most shop-bought mince pies is roughly equivalent to...

From baked rice to braised cod: Yotam Ottolenghi’s one-pan recipes

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One-pot or one-pan cooking is great for all sorts of reasons. Not only does it save on the washing-up, but it also leads to really tasty dishes, because all the different flavours have the time to come together and re...

Anja Dunk’s Christmas cakes, bakes and chocolate recipes

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This cake takes its inspiration from a Linzer biscuit. Two almondy cake halves sandwiched together with a raspberry centre. Raspberry jam has become the conserve of choice in a modern Linzer biscuit but the Linzer tar...

Potted duck, cracked roasties and croissant cookies: Yotam Ottolenghi’s party recipes

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And so begins the party season. When I’m throwing a party, I want most of my food prepped and ready: no one comes to watch the host be a slave to the kitchen all night, después de todo. Al mismo tiempo, I also like to have...

Andi Oliver’s Christmas recipes: spice-rubbed roast chicken; slow-roast carrot and pumpkin

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Christmas can be a stressful, combative time and the Oliver household – which Andi shares with her partner, Garfield Hackett, and regular visitor, her daughter Miquita Oliver, the TV presenter – is no different. The m...

Christmas roast turkey and trimmings, with an Ottolenghi twist – recipes

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Chaya was in charge of the test kitchen’s Christmas menu this year, so there was only one way the turkey was going to go flavour-wise. The use of pineapple and sugar in the gravy is such a winning way of getting a sti...

Recetas de Nigel Slater para la temporada navideña

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Puedes planificar la cena de Navidad. Una lista ordenada en tinta negra sobre papel blanco: un ganso asado y un pudín de higos; un plan de asientos y una lista de reproducción de villancicos, pero la Navidad no se trata solo de una comida. Están los más pequeños..

Dinner at sweethearts: Jimmy Barnes’ family recipes

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We created this recipe when we came home one night from touring and found we didn’t have any wine to make coq au vin. We did, sin emabargo, have a bottle of bubbly and a tub of olives in the fridge. It was one of those for...

Recetas de Nigel Slater para tartas de higos y cebolla roja y faisán asado con manzanas y sidra

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Estamos en el corazón del otoño ahora, Casi es hora de que la olla de sopa de hierro fundido baje del estante. Hay golosinas de temporada, también - aves de caza y castañas, brillantes manzanas rojas e higos como púrpura y tierna ....

From poached hake to a beetroot cocktail: Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for egg whites

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Our perception of egg whites has changed. They used to be mainly associated with meringues or other light, airy desserts, after making mayonnaise, decir, that had left them redundant. Estos días, sin emabargo, they’re regard...

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