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Seth Meyers on Zelenskiy’s speech: ‘Warmest reception anyone has ever received on Zoom’

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Late-night hosts all recapped Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s appearance before the US Congress on Wednesday, in which the Ukrainian president, via video, appealed for more support against the Russian invasion and received a st...

‘Economically illiterate’: PM’s Tory conference speech gets frosty reception

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Business leaders rounded on Boris Johnson for lacking a coherent economic plan after he delivered a boosterish conference speech that made barely a mention of the supply chain crisis. The address was condemned as “bom...

Mixed reception for new guidelines on transgender inclusion in sport

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The new transgender inclusion guidelines for sport in Britain have been broadly welcomed by a number of sports and women’s organisations, including Women in Sport. However they have also faced criticism from LGBT+ gro...

When Will Picker broke his back on his NSW farm there was no mobile phone reception – so he crawled for 1km

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L'anno scorso, Hannah Sparks got a call from her partner Will Picker telling her he had an accident, but before he could give her any more details of what had happened or where he was, they lost the phone connection. Pick...

Tory MPs irked by No 10 drinks reception request for proof of Covid status

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Boris Johnson has left some Conservative MPs bristling, after they were told to bring proof of their Covid vaccine or test status along to a drinks reception in Downing Street on Tuesday night. The prime minister is h...

Wales and Bale ready for hostile reception as they prepare for Turkey

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“One nation, two states” is a popular saying across Azerbaijan and Turkey that sums up the ties between the countries. Those four words offer a reminder to Wales that, as if the task were not tricky enough, when they ...

Chilly reception: Florida couple try to get married at someone else’s mansion

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An ambitious Florida couple attempted to hold their two-day wedding celebration at a mansion they didn’t have permission to use. But their intended nuptials ended before they could begin as the owner called the police...