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Teachers’ pension scheme: female retirees receive 28% less than men

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Female teachers are typically retiring on much smaller pensions than their male counterparts, la investigación ha encontrado, with part-time working one of the biggest factors eroding women’s retirement incomes. Analysis of payou...

Indigenous children set to receive billions after judge rejects Trudeau challenges

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A federal court in Canada has paved they way for billions in compensation to First Nations children who suffered discrimination in the welfare system, after a judge dismissed a pair of legal challenges by the governme...

Joe Exotic should receive shorter prison sentence, federal appeals court rules

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A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Tiger King’s Joe Exotic should get a shorter prison sentence for his role in a murder-for-hire plot and violating federal wildlife laws. Joe Exotic, whose real name is Jose...

GP staff receive abuse every day over Covid vaccine reminders

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GPs and their staff are receiving abuse and threats every day from patients whom they contact to remind them to have a Covid vaccine, family doctors’ leaders in London have revealed. “Abuse of our healthcare staff is ...

NHS to receive £160m to tackle backlog of care built up during Covid

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Tens of thousands of patients will get quicker access to diagnostic tests and surgery under a new £160m NHS initiative to identify ways of tackling the vast backlog of care that built up because of Covid. Hospitals wi...

Spain aims to receive British tourists without Covid tests from 20 Mayo

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Spain is aiming to welcome British tourists back without the need for a negative Covid test from 20 Mayo, the country’s tourism minister has confirmed, as she urged overseas visitors to come and “enjoy a perfect holida...

Nurses receive activist training to mobilise for strike action

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Hasta 25,000 nurses are training to become activists to help Britain’s nursing union force Boris Johnson to improve his “pitiful” 1% NHS pay offer. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) hopes the move will help it achiev...

Met police receive report of sexual offence claims after allegations against Noel Clarke

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The Metropolitan police say they are assessing a “third-party” report relating to claims of sexual offences committed by a male, after allegations were made against the actor Noel Clarke. The Met police did not confir...

Every day I receive tragic news from India and feel so helpless on the other side of the world

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My chat groups from India are flooded with requests for convalescent plasma, Remdesivir, oxygen tanks and hospital beds. My Twitter feeds are condolences or desperate cries for help from people whose loved ones are fi...

Thousands of Addison Lee drivers could receive payout over workers’ rights

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Thousands of Addison Lee drivers could be entitled to an average £10,000 each in compensation after the court of appeal found they were “workers” entitled to the national minimum wage and paid holiday. Lord Justice Be...

Major White House news: Biden’s dog to receive anti-biting training offsite

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Major the White House dog will receive further training away from the executive mansion after two biting incidents at his new home, a spokesman for the first lady, Jill Biden, dijo el lunes. The misbehaving canine w...

'Es la cosa justa que hacer': Los londinenses reciben los primeros golpes en el nuevo centro de vacunación masiva - video

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Un centro de negocios del norte de Londres que anteriormente se utilizaba para albergar a casi un millón de personas en cientos de eventos cada año, ha reabierto como un centro de vacunación masiva del NHS Covid-19.. Hasta 4,000 personas al día recibirán inyecciones..

Budget 2021: devolved nations receive £2.4bn in additional funding

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Escocia, Wales and Northern Ireland are to receive an additional £2.4bn in the next financial year under the Barnett formula as Rishi Sunak increased funding to the devolved administrations. Holyrood will receive an ...