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WPP revenues back to pre-Covid levels as advertising rebounds

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WPP, the world’s biggest advertising group, has grown its revenues back to pre-pandemic levels a year sooner than expected because of a record-setting rebound in global marketing spend. WPP reported that underlying re...

US image rebounds while ‘unfavourable’ views of China remain, wêreldwye opname bevind

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A new survey has found that since Joe Biden came to power, positive views of the United States have rebounded across 17 advanced economies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Most continue to see China in an un...

US airline industry rebounds as 2m travel for first time since March 2020

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The airline industry’s recovery from the pandemic passed a milestone as more than 2 million people streamed through US airport security checkpoints on Friday for the first time since early March 2020. The Transportat...

UK factory output rebounds after increase in demand

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Factory output grew this month at the fastest rate since December 2018 to record the first large increase in UK manufacturing production in almost two years. Chemicals producers, electronic engineering firms and metal...

FTSE 100 rebounds as oil rallies despite worries over Omicron variant – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

BP’s quarterly profit hits $3.3bn as oil price rebounds

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BP has reported its biggest quarterly profit since the Covid pandemic began, and will hand investors a $500m (£360m) cash windfall, as the global oil markets recover from the crisis. The oil company reported a profit ...