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Changing the game: how the Mighty Ducks reboot flips the script

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In Disney+’s new take on the much-loved hockey trilogy, the Ducks are no longer the heroes, following in line with a string of rule-rewriting sports movie rebootsThe played out formula of the sports movie has seen a n...

Can Ghostbusters: Afterlife unite fans of the original and the 2016 reboot?

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There is good news if you are a fan of the first Ghostbusters movie: the original crew of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson will be back, along with Sigourney Weaver and even Annie Potts (as secretary Janine M...

Disney’s Turner & Hooch reboot: shouldn’t we let sleeping dogs lie?

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I’m convinced, now, that 60% of shows are being commissioned not by a human, a skeleton wrapped in flesh and blood, but by an algorithm, a pulsing blue computer in a bunker server room beneath the depths of Disney. Ex...

The Suicide Squad review – eyeball-blitzing supervillain reboot

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DC’s new Suicide Squad movie announces itself as different from the coolly received first film from 2016 simply by adding “The” to the title, maybe sneakily trying for an unacknowledged rebrand or reboot. James Gunn, ...

Covid live: suspected Omicron case found in Germany; UK expert says pandemic ‘reboot’ unlikely

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61 travellers from South Africa test positive for Covid in Netherlands; first European case of B.1.1.529 variant identified in Belgium; travel bans target countries across southern Africa

Beauty and the Beast review – a sumptuous reboot of the festive-season fairytale

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The world described by writer-director Theresa Heskins in this tremendous adaptation is one of emotional stasis. Like the last two years of the pandemic, the enchanted palace is locked in a holding pattern. All the Be...

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City review – unpretentiously gory horror-game reboot

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Like the zombie-making virus which is the true game engine of this long-running franchise, the world of Resident Evil keeps evolving, respawning and regenerating extra mutant limbs and organs in different media. First...

Slumber Party Massacre review – video nasty reboot puts some fun in sleepover carnage

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The 1982 video-nasty classic The Slumber Party Massacre – a confection of polyester sleepwear, orangey fake blood and phallic construction equipment with remarkable battery longevity, directed by Amy Jones – gets a re...

The Matrix Resurrections review – Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss spark in utopian reboot

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Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is the designer of The Matrix, a popular video game set in a virtual reality. His bosses have ordered a sequel; at an ideas meeting, his colleagues throw around a few ideas. PVC. Guns. T...

Ben Foakes intent on grabbing Test chance as part of England’s reboot

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Welcome to the reboot. The costumes are the same and you’ll recognise some of the main characters, but there’s no doubt that the West Indies tour that begins this coming week is meant to kick off a new narrative arc f...

The Batman review – Robert Pattinson’s emo hero elevates gloomy reboot

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That definite article means it’s the genuine article. Adding “the” to Batman’s name has become a huge part of the brand identity, a sign of how elemental and atavistic this shadowy figure is supposed to be. You can im...

Talking Horses: Justice For Punters gets timely reboot before Cheltenham

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The biggest week of the year for betting turnover on racing is almost upon us and here come the ads full of pumped-up punters, projecting the image of gambling that the bookies want you to see: bonuses, free bets, a g...

Sunak learns hard way UK public don’t want an Osborne reboot

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Where did it all go wrong for Rishi Sunak? The most popular chancellor in four decades now pilloried for a spring statement which failed to meet the challenge of the worst hit to living standards since the Suez crisis...

‘I’m completely devoted to one person’: David Hyde Pierce on love, death and the Frasier reboot

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Eighteen years after Frasier ended – and nearly 30 since it began – it’s finally happened. David Hyde Pierce has found a major role rich enough to tempt him back to TV. Not Niles Crane again – not yet, anyway. To sate...

Challenge Anneka’s lasting legacy in Leeds points way for show’s reboot

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At Leeds Mencap, the positive legacy of Challenge Anneka still reverberates powerfully. Back in 1993 the TV programme helped turn a dilapidated, burnt-out school into a nursery run by the charity for children with lea...