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‘No fair play, we’re English’: Europe’s press reacts to Euro 2020 chaos

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The booing of visiting teams’ national anthems, footage of fans without tickets breaking through barriers to get into Wembley and the online racist abuse of England’s unlucky penalty-takers has made many commentators ...

‘We conquered Wembley’: Italian press reacts to Euro 2020 oorwinning

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Italy had fans on edge during several games of the European Championship tournament, but no match was more nailbiting than the final against England at Wembley. The anxiety descended after England caught Italy off-gua...

‘Stars did not deliver’: Netherlands press reacts to Euro 2020 exit

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The newspapers and football websites in the Netherlands had a clear picture of where a glorious Sunday was heading. After Max Verstappen won the Styrian Grand Prix and Mathieu van der Poel took the Tour de France yell...

‘The beautiful game is gone’: Manchester reacts to fan protests

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There’s a new bit of graffiti on the Trinity Bridge dividing Manchester and Salford: “Fuck United” reads the scrawl on one of the suspension pillars. It faces the Lowry Hotel, where the Manchester United team were sur...

Angry resident reacts after gender reveal party using explosives sets off earthquake – video

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A New Hampshire family’s gender reveal party set off reports of an earthquake, and could be heard from across the state line, polisie gesê. The source of the blast was 80lbs (36kg) of Tannerite, which is typically sold...